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Version 1.32

Linux 3.x x86

1.19 MiB

Mac 10.x x86

841.21 KiB

OpenBSD 4.x x86

842.67 KiB


1.48 MiB

Source Tarball

3.85 MiB

This is Version 1.32. Principal changes in this release:

  • When creating a new repository using fossil init, ensure that the new repository is fully compatible with historical versions of Fossil by having a valid manifest as RID 1.
  • Anti-aliased rendering of arrowheads on timeline graphs.
  • Added vi/less-style key bindings to the --tk diff GUI.
  • Documentation updates to fix spellings and changes all "checkins" to "check-ins".
  • Add the --repolist option to server commands such as fossil server or fossil http.
  • Added the "Xekri" skin.
  • Enhance the "ln=" query parameter on artifact displays to accept multiple ranges, separate by spaces (or "+" when URL-encoded).
  • Added fossil forget as an alias for fossil rm.