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13:40 Rig the "fossil sql" command so that it always comes up in --quote mode. This mode is more useful for Fossil repos dues to the many binary blobs. Leaf check-in: 953aa7b4 user: drh tags: trunk
10:29 Fix SQL to find name for /json/timeline/event Leaf check-in: 2488996f user: ben tags: ben-json-timeline
01:35 Fix the mimetype selector. Improved styling of the forum display. Leaf check-in: 837b1cb5 user: drh tags: forum-brainstorm-1
10:39 Merged trunk Leaf check-in: a253fba0 user: mjanssen tags: commonmark-markdown
16:27 Experimental option --fast on the clone command only clones manifest artifacts and related tags. This is an experiment to see how much bandwidth and time are saved by omitting the download of file content until it is actually needed. Leaf check-in: 9e8a7d4c user: drh tags: fast-clone
08:16 Merge trunk. Update to Beta 2 of OpenSSL 1.1.1 (with TLS 1.3 support !!!) Leaf check-in: 87f3c946 user: jan.nijtmans tags: openssl-1.1
04:03 Merge in latest from trunk. Leaf check-in: 0d11ea05 user: andybradford tags: pledge-additions
14:48 Fix the search result highlighting, fix timeline layout issues with non-commit events, replace the WYSIWYG editor icons, and slightly improve the file browser icons. Leaf check-in: 9201207f user: achavasse tags: skin-ardoise
03:37 Fixed some misnamed classes. Leaf check-in: 313e27ad user: zakero tags: skin-xekri-timeline
01:50 merge trunk Leaf check-in: b8e4dcc9 user: jan.nijtmans tags: multi-thread
22:00 Fixes to the /artifact_stats page. Make it Admin-only. Leaf check-in: 2d916a5e user: drh tags: artifact-stats
10:30 (cherry-pick): Upgrade to openssl 1.0.2m Leaf check-in: 3003decb user: jan.nijtmans tags: branch-2.4
20:39 Initial changes for adding attachments to check-ins. Leaf check-in: cb385ba0 user: drh tags: checkin-attachment
23:20 Update /dir to support readme and readme.* files being a symlink to the actual document. Symlinks to symlinks are not supported in this instance. The document type is determined by the link target name. Leaf check-in: eb4dda48 user: andygoth tags: doc-symlink
22:49 Remove unnecessary double NUL-termination from blob Leaf check-in: 95b6fad9 user: andygoth tags: enhanced-symlink
08:43 Update autosetup to 0.6.8 (v0.6.7-11-g3eb780c) Leaf check-in: 2ed09fb8 user: steveb tags: autosetup
09:56 (cherry-pick): Correct /doc webpage in the case of a read-only database containing a vcache table lacking the desired vid Leaf check-in: 1fdcb207 user: jan.nijtmans tags: branch-2.3
16:44 Restore the --no-dir-symlinks option. Leaf check-in: aff4363d user: mistachkin tags: no-dir-symlinks
13:29 Merge cleanX Leaf check-in: fd47eae7 user: jan.nijtmans tags: cleanX-no-clean-glob
13:17 Don't prompt before removing empty directories Leaf check-in: 81d72e72 user: jan.nijtmans tags: cleanX
15:10 (cherry-pick): Update the built-in SQLite to 3.19.0 Leaf check-in: 70af6acd user: jan.nijtmans tags: branch-2.2
13:08 merge trunk. Use new Win10 flag: SYMBOLIC_LINK_FLAG_ALLOW_UNPRIVILEGED_CREATE. See: for why this might make this branch work better. Leaf check-in: 2999c7dc user: jan.nijtmans tags: winsymlink
11:33 Use the (existing) 'T' card in stead of an (incompatible) 'C' card, to store GIT's Tag comment. Leaf check-in: f2e075b9 user: jan.nijtmans tags: roy-export
03:22 Enhancements to TH1 related to hashing. Add the 'hash' TH1 command. Leaf check-in: 357c3c68 user: mistachkin tags: th1Hash
15:32 Merge trunk Leaf check-in: 4bf7e4ef user: jan.nijtmans tags: sqlite3-compat
06:39 Show commit information after new branch is committed to avoid confusion. Leaf check-in: cbde195a user: andybradford tags: branch-info
20:38 Schema enhancements necessary to support the Remark artifact. Leaf check-in: f051f1d3 user: drh tags: remarks-on-checkins
17:50 When calling gdiff (or stash gdiff) command between 2 versions, use the filename to prefix the temporary random filename so once inside the external diff program we know what file is being compared.    (pending-review) Leaf check-in: 856ca01b user: mgagnon tags: gdiff-tmpfilename-prefix
22:46 First jab at creating a bash script for command completion Leaf check-in: a4de0004 user: baruch tags: bash-completion
05:59 Correct issue with open/closed tags by changing the closed column to a quasi-aggregate query, i.e. one which is a function of the argument to GROUP BY and not anything which varies within the group. This gives consistent results with the baseline branch ls command, but it introduces a MAJOR performance regression. Listing closed tags goes from 0.033s in the baseline to 1.882s, i.e. it takes 56 times longer. Leaf check-in: b302f893 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-branch-list
06:15 Enhance the functionality of the Login Group feature to allow administrators to enable Login Group self-registration. Leaf check-in: d70f5278 user: andybradford tags: login-group-enhancements
03:56 Full-text search for check-in diffs. This works, but it creates a huge index (2x the size of the BLOB table) in spite of being a contentless index. The index is slow to build because of all the diffs that must be computed. Because the index is contentless, the snippet generator runs very slowly on queries - a typical query with a couple hundred hits takes several minutes. Leaf check-in: 68194175 user: drh tags: diff-search
09:11 merge trunk Leaf check-in: 414fc1e9 user: jan.nijtmans tags: html-cleanup
15:45 Merge trunk Leaf check-in: 83bd4f37 user: andygoth tags: andygoth-brackets-outside-link
11:44 tiny cleanup Leaf check-in: 9340f2fc user: baruch tags: brlist-cleanup
13:03 Updating from trunk. Leaf check-in: a1b09559 user: viriketo tags: viric_flavour
04:28 Remove superfluous initialization of $passed. Leaf check-in: e33ed0c5 user: joel tags: revert
15:17 Merge risers must not go straight up to another node on the same rail. Leaf check-in: 38b52a5f user: drh tags: short-offscreen-risers
06:35 Merge updates from trunk. Leaf check-in: ff4a4fe6 user: mistachkin tags: pending-review
15:58 updated to miniz-1.16 beta r1 Leaf check-in: 0cd368f1 user: stephan tags: miniz-1.16br1
22:15 remove submenu items from branch list page that link to old-style list, since all the individual inforation is now available in aggregated and sortable form on the main list Leaf check-in: 972dc1c6 user: baruch tags: do-not-merge, test-only
20:42 minor typo fix. Leaf check-in: 82bb1901 user: stephan tags: hierarchical-manifests
11:41 Change piechart table to view since tables have undefined order Leaf check-in: 7c1568e3 user: baruch tags: enhance-reports
08:56 put permuted index of docs after non-permuted index Leaf check-in: 49a77b51 user: michai tags: doc-bold-canonical
08:53 merge trunk Leaf check-in: 7699d141 user: jan.nijtmans tags: sync-forkwarn
23:22 Remove extraneous printf() statements from the IPv6 logic in the unix CGI server code. Leaf check-in: 2d9d276b user: drh tags: ipv6-server
04:35 Add a menu entry on /fdiff, /ci and /vdiff page to control the diff context (dc=<n>) query parameter.    (pending review) Leaf check-in: eae6f32f user: mgagnon tags: diff-context-menu-entry
14:02 Update Blitz skin based on forum feedback Leaf check-in: 108ccef5 user: jmoger tags: skin-blitz
00:51 Merge updates from trunk. Leaf check-in: ae8f6f2b user: mistachkin tags: unifiedStart
19:39 Obscure the captcha text using a character substitution for three seconds. Leaf check-in: 618420b1 user: drh tags: captcha-enhancement
17:31 Merge updates from trunk. Leaf check-in: 488dcfad user: mistachkin tags: viric_pbranch
20:53 Add a "Show/Hide Files" button under the "Context" section of the check-in page. Leaf check-in: 4932465e user: drh tags: context-show-files
10:37 Show the branch in the checkin description (artifact and file diff pages). Leaf check-in: dad37196 user: viriketo tags: viric_showbranch
10:30 New way to calculate the automatic branch colours.    It's a matter of taste, but I prefer this way; the colours often become more different. Leaf check-in: 39e165af user: viriketo tags: viric_newcolours
07:18 Merge latest trunk. This branch is more a "proof-of-concept" then a final implementation. Leaf check-in: 8841f6d4 user: baruch tags: file-filter
21:13 Revert makefile change accidentally commited Leaf check-in: f2035f27 user: baruch tags: tk-diff-viewer
18:58 Add the "notime" query parameter to the www timeline display. Leaf check-in: ce4d3fce user: drh tags: notime-option
16:22 Merge trunk (docker experiment continuing, but not yet in working state!) Leaf check-in: 96d1add9 user: jan.nijtmans tags: docker
13:20 Merge from trunk Leaf check-in: c4fca467 user: ashish tags: ashish-ipv6
09:59 Disable "longpath" testcase for non-unix platforms. Make sure temporary directories created by the testcase are cleaned up. Leaf check-in: 46dc6537 user: jan.nijtmans tags: longpath
17:26 merge trunk Leaf check-in: e751da62 user: jan.nijtmans tags: win32-longpath
13:57 Experimental change to add a "nodesc" query parameter to pages like /artifact that suppresses the sometimes length description of what the artifact is used for. Leaf check-in: b794218f user: drh tags: nodesc-option
14:20 Potential resolution of conflict with [64aa75260f] which causes the default-user setting to be ignored. Attempt to set default user from config if defined. Leaf check-in: 9f2a03bb user: andybradford tags: default-user
22:51 (experimental) Allow not only --utc or --localtime to be specified, but any timezone (minutes from UTC = -999...999) Leaf check-in: c3e3ceb9 user: jan.nijtmans tags: tz-minutes
22:07 Merge from trunk. src/ is now generated automatically. Leaf check-in: 927264ab user: dg tags: dg-codenames
22:04 Merge from trunk. Leaf check-in: 22d9cff0 user: dg tags: dg-misc
19:18 Make use of WITHOUT ROWID in new repositories. Leaf check-in: ad982260 user: drh tags: without-rowid
11:00 Suggested implementation for [1ec9e8658e]: Flag some commits for "extra attention" Leaf check-in: 13ba9a50 user: jan.nijtmans tags: rfe-1ec9e8658e
16:11 merged in trunk Leaf check-in: 4fb3675a user: stephan tags: usage-command
21:50 Move the SSH shared account code back to the branch to keep the development of this new feature separate. Leaf check-in: 56169d07 user: andybradford tags: ssh-shared-account
14:07 Merge in latest features and fixes from trunk. Leaf check-in: ef8b9da0 user: andybradford tags: ssh-test-http
18:57 Merge with trunk. Leaf check-in: 9a023e0d user: isaac.jurado tags: git-better-import
12:04 merge trunk Leaf check-in: 5d8551bf user: jan.nijtmans tags: ui-no-utf8
21:33 another patch version for ssh improvement from Andy Bradford. Leaf check-in: a8c37c2c user: mgagnon tags: andy_bradford_ssh_imporvement_patch_2
21:31 save first version of patch for ssh from Andy Bradford (from list) Leaf check-in: 979a75de user: mgagnon tags: andy_bradford_ssh_imporvement_patch_1
13:32 Merge all the latest trunk changes into the ipv6 branch. Leaf check-in: d5f6e08c user: drh tags: ipv6
01:34 Merge updates from trunk. Leaf check-in: 7872db85 user: edward tags: long-double-bug
06:31 Teach config.h to recognize Sun's C compiler. Leaf check-in: 57b58527 user: edward tags: sun-compiler
01:02 Added fix for issue seen with merge; would fail due to file_copy() issue where files of renamed directories would not have the new directory created beforehand. Also added fix for issue seen after large merge; 'changes' command would fail due to WriteConsoleW() returning with error ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY; fix seems hacky but works. Leaf check-in: 3f31dc65 user: jeffrimko tags: jeffrimko-fix-merge-changes
14:36 Use NULL rather than 0 for values in the MLINK table that are empty. Leaf check-in: 19844445 user: drh tags: exp-foreign-keys
17:34 Simple changes that allows embedded documentation *.wiki files to contain unrestricted HTML. This is on a branch because I don't believe we want to go this way, but I might change my mind later. Leaf check-in: 463df97c user: drh tags: full-html-for-embedded-docs
14:32 An alternative way to get mime-types from attachments for the "raw" page. Leaf check-in: b21df7ec user: drh tags: experimental
15:59 Update to the latest SQLite4 that requires converting preprocessor macro prefixes from "SQLITE_" to "SQLITE4_". Leaf check-in: 0328d681 user: drh tags: sqlite4
09:33 When sided by side make the text area small so it will always fit in the column. After page loaded enlarge the text area with Javascript. But leave a little room (40px) as a margin between the two columns. This insurers that side by side always succeeds. Leaf check-in: 396eceb9 user: renez tags: side-by-side-edit
03:51 Merge latest trunk changes into jimtcl branch. Lightly tested. Should allow xfer scripts to be written in Jim Tcl. Leaf check-in: de9c2f08 user: steveb tags: jimtcl
21:50 merge drh fix (additionally, sqlite3 updates) Leaf check-in: 6a39f43d user: bch tags: status_redo
18:29 Process the style sheet using TH1 prior to returning it. This branch is experimental. Leaf check-in: d1b68cc0 user: drh tags: th1-css
00:13 fossil import --incremental should set the appropriate ancestor for the first commit in each branch being added Leaf check-in: c95d7a9c user: steveb tags: steveb-fixes
15:20 Add HMAC-SHA1 implementation. Leaf check-in: dcee34b2 user: dmitry tags: multisession
08:12 Make it easier to use Events as quick notes: Display the title just above the text on Event pages. If there's no title in the wiki text, use the comment as a title. Leaf check-in: 27a4518e user: ben tags: ben-minorchanges
03:51 begin work on ticket [bc0d0f5642eaf]: track success of (network) write operations and start bubbling that status up. To make it up to ultimately exit(EXIT_FAILURE) on errors, mkindex will need to be updated, too, as well as the signature from command implementing functions need to return int instead of void at some point. More to come. Leaf check-in: a67e2683 user: tags: msw-hack
07:33 Two fixes about localtime: • The ci_edit page tells the user that it asks UTC time • The object_description gives links to localtime (if it's set in the config). Otherwise the links were not pointing at the concerning checkin. Leaf check-in: 1765c18d user: viriketo tags: localtime_fixes
11:24 added version diff from info page Leaf check-in: 6a84934b user: ron tags: rons diff mods
06:55 Online help for several more commands adapted Leaf check-in: d23f9887 user: Arjen Markus tags: arjen-doc-updates
01:56 ws change to capture chmod +x change Leaf check-in: 5a587ba5 user: bharder tags: betterExeHandling
08:15 Enable a “stash make” subcommand as an alias for “stash snapshot” Leaf check-in: 4e0274bb user: BM tags: stash_mk
13:38 This branch contains experimental changes attempting to address complaints that Fossil sometimes overwrites unmanaged files. In this checkin: Use file_delete() instead of unlink() everywhere. Add interfaces file_move() and file_dont_overwrite() but do not use those interfaces yet. Leaf check-in: a1814d50 user: drh tags: file-safety
01:17 Cleanup of help_page() in preparation for merging with trunk. Leaf check-in: a298a0e2 user: drh tags: StvPrivateHook2
10:23 Merge from trunk. Leaf check-in: 1a6876db user: michael tags: ttmrichter-skins
17:41 merge from trunk Leaf check-in: e6dce6a1 user: wolfgang tags: StvPrivateHook2
01:06 Merge in some ui enhancements from the ssl_platform_fixes branch. Leaf check-in: 3c19422b user: bcsmith tags: ui-improvements
23:26 TH1 fossiltag command for accessing tag values.    Has two subcommands: get and list, which do what they sound like. Leaf check-in: 413ebeb1 user: bcsmith tags: th1_fossiltag_cmd
19:07 PellesC doesn't have pgmptr, update Makefile Leaf check-in: f8836874 user: wolfgang tags: wolfgangHelpCmd
19:07 New TH1 command: wikicontent    Placed in its own branch for posterity. Leaf check-in: 6916054d user: bcsmith tags: th1_wikicontent_cmd
01:14 merge trunk Leaf check-in: 1dfb33e8 user: bharder tags: lang
03:49 Merged with trunk. Leaf check-in: 861a885c user: michael tags: ttmrichter
19:19 Change the title of the home page from "Fossil Home Page" to simply "Home Page". Leaf check-in: 0fd61810 user: drh tags: exp-search
22:42 Comparison typo. Leaf check-in: 624bc1c6 user: linuxfood tags: ssl_platform_fixes
03:02 Merge in latest changes from trunk. Leaf check-in: df905727 user: linuxfood tags: creole
03:59 checkpoints for the is_ticket() function Leaf check-in: 5d49162a user: bch tags: fix artifact checkout
08:43 Experimental - Pass < !-- --> comments through the wiki unchanged unless inside a < verbatim > block in which case it is htmlized. Also pass < span > tags, treating them as font markup. These changes make it easier to convert existing html pages and specifically allow the inclusion of license text in pages derived from copyright material. Leaf check-in: 47cc9dfe user: robert tags: pass-comments, robert-exp
21:18 Changed update docs, ** ADDED A _SPECIAL_ (but MUTYPE_BLOCK) wikitag <annotation> to put html comments in wikimarkup Leaf check-in: 51868cb1 user: kkennell tags: kkinnell-exp