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20 check-ins occurring on or before 2010-11-08.

23:56 [eea8810b] Fix a typo in the <DOCTYPE> marking at the top of each webpage. Ticket [c18a77e837a66122ed19]. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
23:54 [5478f444] Use the correct mimetype for the logo, even if the mimetype is not image/gif. Ticket [11209555c90f3b61e4]. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
23:51 [c76bb6d2] Avoid the use of %lld to work around limitations of some windows compilers. Ticket [9d186979fc4fe8d9c] (user: drh, tags: trunk)
21:11 [2a86bb65] Patches to file.c (for mingw is_dir), finfo.c (various utilities), and update.c (for verbose/nochange), to allow integration into Emacs and IDEs. (user: venkat, tags: venks-emacs)
18:48 [d156b686] Fix alphabetical missort. (user: venkat, tags: venks-emacs)
18:42 [151a2104] Send the right mime-type for svg files [2e088c5815] (user: venkat, tags: venks-emacs)
10:23 [1a6876db] Leaf: Merge from trunk. (user: michael, tags: ttmrichter-skins)
10:13 [8050311d] merge from trunk (user: wolfgang, tags: StvPrivateHook2)
08:16 [e8d231aa] Create new branch named "venks-emacs" (user: venkat, tags: venks-emacs)
23:59 [6a11af17] Add an undocumented --noverify option to the rebuild command to skip the verify_before_commit() sanity check. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
21:04 [d9880a80] Rename the "portable_system()" function to "fossil_system()" and move it from diffcmd.c into main.c. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
19:08 [e5fe4164] merge from trunk (user: wolfgang, tags: StvPrivateHook2)
19:04 [6dd81a54] Add the -R option to the ticket command. (user: wolfgang, tags: trunk)
16:57 [3ea66260] merge from trunk (user: wolfgang, tags: StvPrivateHook2)
14:04 [a921be7b] Fix the sync logic so that it is able to clone against the canonical fossil repository with its implied redirect. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
13:52 [9dd6c431] Change the anonymous login cookie name to include a hash of the base URL. Ticket [3edef69bf3e995ed2] (user: drh, tags: trunk)
19:58 [dcf839e4] Do not assume that the method is CGI just because the GATEWAY_INTERFACE environment variable is set. Only do CGI if GATEWAY_INTERFACE is set and there either is no argument specified, or the specified argument is not a valid command. Ticket [e49f245975f89a8a9] (user: drh, tags: trunk)
19:24 [cb2ff51c] Fix a couple of minor issues with settings, as pointed out on the mailing list. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
12:14 [098e3633] Updates to the help text for the "commit" command. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
18:23 [cb75de51] merge from trunk (user: wolfgang, tags: StvPrivateHook2)