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History of skins/ardoise/header.txt

Added cap "n" to "r" in skins that show a /ticket link in their header, since the handler for it allows the page to show for those who can only file new tickets, not just those who can see existing tickets. Also fixed some skins that were using "anoncap" to test this: it needs to work for all logged-in users, not just "anonymous". file: [54a9a829] check-in: [f4e3abce] user: wyoung branch: skin-cap-matching, size: 1819
Changed all of the [anycap jor] TH1 calls in the stock skins wrapping the generation of that skin's /timeline and /timeline.rss links to [anycap ijr2] to match the user caps the timeline HTTP hit handler actually checks for in the C code. This is a branch in part because it needs review, but also it's the start of a broader effort to check the other cap checks in the skins to make sure they a) match what the C code checks for; and b) match each other. file: [064d391b] check-in: [9cee8cf5] user: wyoung branch: skin-cap-matching, size: 1818
Added Forum navbar before Tickets in all skins that had such a link, pointing to /forum if the user is anonymous and has capability 2 or 3, or is logged in and has any capabilities in 2-6 inclusive. file: [47309fee] check-in: [4344f806] user: wyoung branch: forum-skin-links, size: 1816
Added the ardoise skin. file: [865aa98f] check-in: [64e83aa5] user: antoine branch: skin-ardoise, size: 1738 Added