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History for make/

[a5cafe07] part of check-in [d3252d74] Started the process of modifying the build system to permit more flexible and reliable cross-platform support. Currently the build system is set up for Linux (GCC or CLANG as the compiler) and for MinGW32 (GCC as the compiler). Of these, only the Linux builds have been tested so far and confirmed to work as expected. The way to use this new system is as follows:

Builds the default platform and compiler (linux and gcc).

PLATFORM=mingw32 make

Builds the mingw32 build (untested!) using the default compiler (gcc).

COMPILER=clang make

Builds the default platform (linux) using the clang compiler.

Other platform and compiler fragment files can be added in the ./make directory based on the models already there. (check-in: [d3252d74] user: michael branch: ttmrichter, size: 683) Added