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History of skins/default/css.txt

Second attempt at blockquote styling, this time restricting it to forum posts only. (Previous: [2190f86c324d0]) file: [e0bef615] check-in: [c285cd08] user: wyoung branch: trunk, size: 4866
Added colored shading, more padding, and a thick left border to elements in the default skin. This is based on some custom styling that Florian Balmer has been doing for quoted text on the forum lately, but the styling is rather different. It affects all such elements, not just those in forum posts, since I couldn't see a good reason to restrict it: it should be equally valuable in wiki and embedded doc articles as well. file: [f69f33cc] check-in: [2190f86c] user: wyoung branch: trunk, size: 4806
The default skin requires 1200px or more before the "wideonly" class is displayed. file: [6659cea1] check-in: [68f4c2b0] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 4701
Changed hamburger menu drop-down menu from 33% of the screen width to 90%: it works better on small screens, and it allows the sitemap to go multi-column on wider screens. Also added some right-side padding to balance the padding added for on the left. file: [2a824a16] check-in: [e76a243d] user: wyoung branch: js-hamburger-menu, size: 4700
Ajaxy animated drop-down menu on clicking a new hamburger button in the default skin, as requested by drh on the forum:    Initial version uses jQuery loaded from Google Hosted APIs for ease of development. file: [bb3250f4] check-in: [d7c43c5a] user: wyoung branch: js-hamburger-menu, size: 4680
Added "overflow-y: hidden;" to the CSS for the default skin to prevent some browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on macOS, at least) from adding a vertical scroll bar to the navbar. This was only necesasry on this skin because of the recently-added "overflow-x: auto" style, which tells the browser to clip or horizontally-scroll the navbar if the screen width isn't sufficient to show the whole thing; previously in this skin, and currently in all other skins, this condition causes the navbar to wrap to the next line, which looks particularly bad on the default skin. I believe this then made these browsers calculate some extra space for a possible horizontal scroll bar, which then ran the layout engine out of space, so it included the vertical bar just in case. This may be macOS specific, due to the scroll bar hiding behavior introduced several OS release back. file: [2fdb21db] check-in: [e8783b9a] user: wyoung branch: trunk, size: 4335
Less vertical space on the default menus and title. file: [c0e96065] check-in: [96938c42] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 4311
In the default skin, adjust the labels in the menu bar depending on screen width. file: [85e6c463] check-in: [306f8ffd] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 4333
Changes to the CSS for the default skin so that it works better on mobile. file: [65fa7088] check-in: [c565732f] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 4156
Coloring the hyperlinks to the newest forum posts from /forum with a dimmer and less saturated version of the normal hyperlink color in the default skin, to test the new div.forumPosts selector. Other skins to be updated later if this is approved. file: [cdf38919] check-in: [86ff84da] user: wyoung branch: trunk, size: 3679
Add 10% more horizontal space in columns of the file browser /dir page. file: [a5e9d50d] check-in: [0acb670e] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 3630
Enable responsive design by default on all skins. file: [daad856b] check-in: [466744aa] user: drh branch: mobile, size: 3628
Simple changes to the default CSS and Header that seem to help Fossil work better on mobile by avoiding menu wraps. file: [1bdd3bc3] check-in: [5fb04081] user: drh branch: mobile, size: 4334
Fix typo in the default skin CSS - patch from Johan Kuuse. file: [fc48018f] check-in: [e07fdbc5] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 3516
Make the "basic" query parameter the default for built-in skins when clicking on the Timeline menu. Add "basic" to /finfo. Other improvements to timeline. file: [0fc70335] check-in: [78f18dbd] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 3516
Implement style_submenu_checkbox(). Change "unhide" to a checkbox so it can be cancelled without editing the URL by hand. Update skins to support use of <label> tag. Remove redundant "if" check in style.c. Checkbox styling can certainly be improved, but this is a start. file: [99d5b76d] check-in: [8d880f0b] user: andygoth branch: trunk, size: 3471
The former "San Francisco Modern" skin is now the default. The old default skin is renamed to "Original". file: [36445199] check-in: [756a5853] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 3433
Disable font-inflation on all skins. (Additional information file: [8ec40cee] check-in: [72114148] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 3332
Add missing style to the default skin CSS. Also, correct some comments. file: [6c2e13c0] check-in: [03a75d7c] user: mistachkin branch: trunk, size: 3237
Break out the various built-in skins into separate CSS, header, and footer text files stored under subfolders of the skins/ directory in the source tree. This should make it much easier to edit built-in skins and to add new built-in skins. file: [f6b4de41] check-in: [12333d95] user: drh branch: skins-refactor, size: 3088 Added