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History of skins/default/footer.txt

Fixes to the new script element of skins. file: [3c714f7b] check-in: [c22b71df] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 238
Added a guard on the use of CSS transitions so it falls back to a non-animated menu pull down if they appear not to be available on the current browser. Also added a check for the existence of the hamburger menu item in case the skin admin diked it out, and did a few other minor tweaks to the footer JS code. file: [3469aa43] check-in: [5d9a3454] user: wyoung branch: js-hamburger-menu, size: 4718
Timing tweaks: made "hide borders" hack occur about the same time as the CSS transition finishes, and increased the menu show delay still further to make it work for Firefox. file: [c898c25a] check-in: [7bb68023] user: wyoung branch: js-hamburger-menu, size: 4176
Increased the transition delay to make the initial drop-down animation happen in Firefox 62. file: [71403303] check-in: [8918a8a8] user: wyoung branch: js-hamburger-menu, size: 4117
Using CSS transitions to mimic jQuery's slideUp/Down() transitions. This probably restricts browser compatibility still further above the XHR issue noted in the earlier checkin on this branch. According to MDN, we're probably restricted to IE 10+ with this, and maybe not even that due to not using vendor-specific extensions for the transitional browser versions. file: [1f34642b] check-in: [90bd6675] user: wyoung branch: js-hamburger-menu, size: 4077
Converted JS hamburger button menu code to use standard JS only, no jQuery.    Temporarily lost the animation with this change: I'm checking this in separately to make the difference between this and the jQuery version clearer.    Not sure how portable it is yet; I wouldn't be surprised if it broke on old IE, since we're using xhr.onload instead of the horrid mess that is xhr.onreadystatechange. file: [a2832c97] check-in: [113ba3d9] user: wyoung branch: js-hamburger-menu, size: 1672
The hyperlinks in the hamburger menu drop-down still had the anti-robot defense activated. Defeated it. file: [df1dea73] check-in: [571df2e8] user: wyoung branch: js-hamburger-menu, size: 1307
Fixed a bug in the onclick handler for the new hamburger button which allowed the browser to follow our empty 'a href="#"' link. For some reason, Chrome only did this sometimes, not always, which lead to me thinking it was some kind of race condition. file: [9b1136cd] check-in: [e806e5c4] user: wyoung branch: js-hamburger-menu, size: 1192
Ajaxy animated drop-down menu on clicking a new hamburger button in the default skin, as requested by drh on the forum:    Initial version uses jQuery loaded from Google Hosted APIs for ease of development. file: [642e528d] check-in: [d7c43c5a] user: wyoung branch: js-hamburger-menu, size: 1127
Automatically generate the <html><head>...</head><body> section at the beginning of each HTML document if the header template does not contain a <body> tag. Likewise for the </body></html> after the footer. file: [7dd553d6] check-in: [f1bb72ed] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 181
Include the release version number in the footer of all the built-in skins. file: [08d0faa9] check-in: [2186f0f0] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 196
Break out the various built-in skins into separate CSS, header, and footer text files stored under subfolders of the skins/ directory in the source tree. This should make it much easier to edit built-in skins and to add new built-in skins. file: [73c83aa5] check-in: [12333d95] user: drh branch: skins-refactor, size: 187 Added