History for test/set-manifest.test

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History for test/set-manifest.test

[a4caa574] part of check-in [0541af5f] Changed remaining regexps in test cases that match hashes to allow hashes to range from 40 to 64 hex digits. Added the same_uuid proc to the test harness to regularize comparing uuids. It is true if one is a prefix of the other. There are still regressions in the test suite, especially in amend.test, but this is progress. (check-in: [0541af5f] user: rberteig branch: trunk, size: 5197)
[f389e51c] part of check-in [3c44b079] Trim a few trailing whitespaces. (check-in: [3c44b079] user: jan branch: jan-manifest-tags, size: 5172)
[b8c87fef] part of check-in [0925f75a] Two manifest.tags changes: 1) Unconditionally add branch. 2) Change the format to explicitly state tag or branch entry. (check-in: [0925f75a] user: jan branch: jan-manifest-tags, size: 5186)
[3e645d92] part of check-in [bf62b160] Added quick checks to verify that the manifest and manifest.uuid files have sensible content, at least for the initial empty checkin. This does require that an SHA1 module be installed for use by the test harness, which I am slightly surprised was not already needed by any other test case. (check-in: [bf62b160] user: rberteig branch: jan-manifest-tags, size: 5170)
[b517c116] part of check-in [2350b068] Add more tags manifest test cases. Check the manifest.tags contents updates on tagging, commit and switching branches. Tests pass successfully on OS X. (check-in: [2350b068] user: jan branch: jan-manifest-tags, size: 4176)
[26109879] part of check-in [c33f02de] Add a basic set of tests for the manifest property, including minimal coverage of the existance of the tags manifest. This can and should be extended to cover interesting content for the tags manifest, and likely should be extended to cover lots more corner cases. These new tests pass on Windows, but should be tried on at least one unix-like platform. (check-in: [c33f02de] user: rberteig branch: jan-manifest-tags, size: 2934) Added