History for tools/lib/cvs.tcl

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History for tools/lib/cvs.tcl

[c60b1c71] part of check-in [7a64b9e7] CVS import. First, fixed sig::next regarding two things. One, we have to take the root version of a file into account as a possible predecessor. Two, a missing changed file may be misclassified and actually be added instead. Second, modified the search for a root changeset of a branch. We now try the existing regular intersection first for exactness, and in case of failure we fall back to a voting scheme to locate the most acceptable aka non-conflicting changeset. (check-in: [7a64b9e7] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 13400)
[ad004643] part of check-in [72dac950] Continued work on the import of branches. Main principle now is to handle the branches vertically. First the trunk, then the branch starting with the first unprocessed changeset, and so forth. Looks more promising than the previous approach. Currently handles just a bit over half of the test projects (11 of 21 in 6 repositories). (check-in: [72dac950] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 13400)
[e947a38e] part of check-in [25bc7210] Entered the general structure planned for processing of branches. Incomplete. This code right now exits when it finds branch csets. Some debug output to see detailed internals from which to pull the pieces together. (check-in: [25bc7210] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 13058)
[1e095fdc] part of check-in [cbbf9a75] Got rid of the explicit revision tree and rephrased the trunk processing to use a loop which is more self-explanatory. Started to add in code needed when we process the branches as well, currently they will have now effect. (check-in: [cbbf9a75] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 11356)
[9bc6bc7e] part of check-in [a5476aed] Modified sorting of timeline entries for the same second to properly split files and file versions from each other, and to have newer revisions later. Further added a storage for error messages to be repeated when the importer exist. First user is the code reporting corrupted archive files detected during a checkout. (check-in: [a5476aed] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 11571)
[f05415a7] part of check-in [ae54e928] Further work on the CVS frontend. The main parts for doing the extraction and management of changesets are now in a separate package. (check-in: [ae54e928] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 11436)
[c0a3a164] part of check-in [10e3b3ed] Fixed bug in the new code setting up the timeline, forgot to clean up loop state, causing data from previous iterations to bleed into the current one, causing the use of bogus data and ultimatively a bogus timeline. Note! Incidentially a bug in the old code was fixed by the new one, the use of mismatching revisions and commit messages. That caused the generation of extra changesets in the old code. (check-in: [10e3b3ed] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 14343)
[ceb44233] part of check-in [2740b48b] Cleaned up the creation of the workspace directory. (check-in: [2740b48b] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 14284)
[57072982] part of check-in [1593006e] More structuring of the CVS backend, encapsulated the management of the global timeline of events in the project in a separate package. (check-in: [1593006e] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 14573)
[a7a859e0] part of check-in [6f121db1] Added structure to the CVS frontend code, putting the repository traversal into its own package. (check-in: [6f121db1] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 14010)
[11e2bbce] part of check-in [d8c18fc1] Reworked the CVS handling code to have a simpler API, more like the reworked Fossil API. The API now has a form where adding the handling of branches should not require complex changes in the import controller any longer. Extended the system to allow the user to restrict the importing to a sub-directory of the chosen repository, via the new switch --project. This is required to pull a SF CVS repository apart into the various projects it may have. Example: Under Tcl we have 3 projects, namely Tcl itself, sampleextension, and Thread. (check-in: [d8c18fc1] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 15654)
[a015f138] part of check-in [b504674c] Fixed problems with the untested statistics module. Moved cset <-> uuid map out of cvs to control layer, separate package. Currently not really useful, will be needed when handling cvs branches. Moved some user feedback around, and the import control too. (check-in: [b504674c] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 12458)
[5855edb7] part of check-in [cdf5e6d8] Encapsulated access to the fossil and cvs applications in their own packages. (check-in: [cdf5e6d8] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 12561)
[5740f60d] part of check-in [d4aa7da6] Continuing namespace changes, rcs parser. Basic structure is now ok IMHO. (check-in: [d4aa7da6] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 12541)
[e0a80b91] part of check-in [00228d15] Continuing namespace changes, cvs frontend. (check-in: [00228d15] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 12503)
[e04bcf97] part of check-in [86a7f249] Started to restructure the namespace hierarchy, beginning at the bottom, with the log module. (check-in: [86a7f249] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 12137)
[8597d1c1] part of check-in [be32ebcb] Redid the logging system aka user feedback completely. Verbosity levels, influenced by the new -v switch. Indentations in the output removed, parsing by tools easier, still human readable. Adapted all users of the previous feedback code to use the new system. (check-in: [be32ebcb] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 12126)
[e89af18f] part of check-in [8469631c] Extended import app with switch to stop execution just before a specific changeset, to aid in debugging problems. (check-in: [8469631c] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 12386)
[abba347c] part of check-in [df91d389] First semi-complete app for import from CVS. Trunk only, wholesale only. (check-in: [df91d389] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 12124) Added