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History of tools/lib/cvs_branch.tcl

CVS import. First, fixed sig::next regarding two things. One, we have to take the root version of a file into account as a possible predecessor. Two, a missing changed file may be misclassified and actually be added instead. Second, modified the search for a root changeset of a branch. We now try the existing regular intersection first for exactness, and in case of failure we fall back to a voting scheme to locate the most acceptable aka non-conflicting changeset. file: [152bdf41] check-in: [7a64b9e7] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 8903
Continued work on the import of branches. Main principle now is to handle the branches vertically. First the trunk, then the branch starting with the first unprocessed changeset, and so forth. Looks more promising than the previous approach. Currently handles just a bit over half of the test projects (11 of 21 in 6 repositories). file: [d6f60bec] check-in: [72dac950] user: aku branch: trunk, size: 8704 Added