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100 most recent check-ins

Fix possible misaligned pointer to a 16-bit object. Leaf check-in: f7c41be8 user: drh tags: trunk
Updated and expanded documentation on how to set up a Fossil server. check-in: f146e21a user: drh tags: trunk
Add the --with-sanitizer option to the ./configure script. check-in: 231d6933 user: drh tags: trunk
Fixed a link punctuation bug introduced in [74a6578c]. Closed-Leaf check-in: c57e1793 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
The merge from trunk accidentally reverted part of the new text in www/ (This part was manually merged, and I missed a diff relative to trunk.) check-in: 8976a9da user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Missed a link to that should have been checked in with [74a6578c]. check-in: d5def0c8 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Merged in trunk improvements check-in: 42d28c02 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Reverted src/doc.c to the trunk version. The "Plan Z" reversion in [8264fd75] was incomplete, causing bad TH1 variable expansion. I believe this explains the symptom I worked around in [9bdf650f0b8]. This check-in also cherry-picks [3d6a4fd95c] onto the branch. check-in: 3cdf764c user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Updated all of the internal hyperlinks referencing www/ to point at either www/server/index.html or one of the docs it now points at. check-in: 74a6578c user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Fixed an unwanted "$nonce" variable expansion within the new introduced by [9044fd2dbe] which only occurs *sometimes*: not on, and apparently not in my earlier ckout testing prior to checking it in, but now in a different ckout test. This has to be a TH1 thing, but I don't understand why we didn't see this earlier. This is just a workaround for the symptom. check-in: 9bdf650f user: wyoung tags: trunk
Fixed a link from the new material in to the new CSP material: that briefly lived in before checking it in, but then I moved it to a new document and forgot to update the link. check-in: f4cbfd5a user: wyoung tags: trunk
Fixed a couple of Tcl syntax fixes that caused the new --with-sanitizer code to a) run unconditionally irrespective of the option's setting and b) to check for the existence of libubsan whether it was actually needed or not. Closed-Leaf check-in: 66fdab76 user: wyoung tags: configure-updates
Added www/, which documents the default Content Security Policy applied by Fossil to the HTML pages it serves. Linked that into embeddeddoc.wik and, which touched on this topic before but didn't go into much detail. check-in: 4e6d36d7 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Fix a compiler warning in the security-audit page. check-in: 3243a6c1 user: drh tags: trunk
Added --with-sanitizer configure-time option for appending -fsanitize=VALUE to CFLAGS and LDFLAGS, plus automatic detection of -lubsan for GCC, which doesn't automatically link to that with -fsanitize=undefined as Clang does. EDIT: This check-in breaks the built on Ubuntu 18.04. check-in: 7907b6ff user: wyoung tags: configure-updates
Removed "known to work with IIS" bit from www/server/index.html in the CGI section, since that is not actually true. We can put it back once someone figures out the IIS + CGI + Fossil CPU pegging problem. check-in: 8b7c17de user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Removed documentation of the nonce="$NONCE" feature in www/, removed as part of [8264fd75]. check-in: d55f6b15 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Fix a broken hyperlink on the new server-docs index page. check-in: 461c8f06 user: drh tags: server-docs
Updating links in www/server/windows/ to correct locations. check-in: 65d175ae user: ckennedy tags: server-docs
Plan Z check-in: 8264fd75 user: drh tags: server-docs
Have the security-audit page analyze and display the content security policy. check-in: 9cf90a4f user: drh tags: trunk
Increase the default HTTP request timeout to 10 minutes. Provide the FOSSIL_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT compile-time option for setting an alternative default. check-in: 7979989d user: drh tags: trunk
Added missing www/ file check-in: 80cd49f0 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Updated www/server/index.html to no longer discuss launchd as a "maybe" option now that we have a document for it, and removed mention of Solaris SMF entirely. check-in: 1e6fbcf2 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Added www/server/macos/ and then added macOS to the set of server OSes offered in www/server/index.html check-in: e0ad4b48 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Assorted small tweaks to www/server/windows/ check-in: b5fefeec user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Small tweaks to the new "Serving as a Standalone Server on Windows" article. check-in: 3995a3c7 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Assorted small tweaks to server docs, mainly around new systemd material. check-in: 9d4a4782 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Added www/server/debian/, demonstrating systemd configuration of Fossil for the first time in the official docs, both as a user serivce and in socket activation mode as a system-level service. check-in: 94763aed user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Clarity tweak check-in: bc678e13 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Grammar fix on previous check-in: d5c754f9 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Title tweak on previous check-in: afc65312 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Added www/server/windows/ server setup article check-in: 3e55ddf7 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Added explicit instructions on installing IIS within the new IIS server docs. It isn't installed by default, and in the CGI case, CGI isn't part of the default IIS install. check-in: b2f10ad5 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
The www/ document hadn't been updated since we removed the explicit <html><head> stuff from the default skins and moved that into the C code so we could insert the CSP and such automatically. Updated it to show the inner tags that you actually get by default now, and talked about how the HTML document wrapper is added automatically. Also fixed some spelling and grammar errors. check-in: 9044fd2d user: wyoung tags: trunk
Fix embedded HTML detection for the 'doc' web page when the 'data-title' attribute is not specified. check-in: 3d6a4fd9 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Added links back to the top-level www/server/index.html article from the tail end of www/server/*/*.md. check-in: 0f6f151d user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Justified the ordering of sections in www/server/index.html by including info on complexity. CGI remains last because CGI is only a "simple" option when someone else sets up the CGI security for you, as on old-style cheap hosting plans. Also added several inline sub-document references. check-in: 9f4121db user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Merged the lists of socket listener daemons into the Socket Listener section of www/server/index.html: the list of known-working daemons down from the numbered list at the top of the article, and the list of potentially-working daemons up from the <noscript>-cloaked document matrix below. Also reordered the sections from simplest to most complex. check-in: d9ab9c56 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Improvements to the nonce='$NONCE' substitution mechanism. check-in: 1c50073d user: drh tags: server-docs
Implemented the first version of the JavaScript tutorial chooser in www/server/index.html, complete with fallbacks for the noscript case, optional display of the static document matrix, and pretty CSS transitions between the states. check-in: 0cbdbc72 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
URL fix in previous check-in: a7610e42 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Added the nonce="$NONCE" embedded documentation substitution feature and documented that and the other pre-existing text substitution features. check-in: 02db05e6 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Further refinement of the server setup tutorial matrix CSS check-in: a6fee589 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Reduced the number of columns in the server setup tutorial matrix by collapsing all of those for the OS's default web server down to a single shared column. Also dropped the xinetd column as obsolete. (We still have the explicit xinetd article link above.) check-in: 3f9f1bdf user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Moved inline CSS within www/server/index.html elements up into a <style> block at the top. Then used that to create a more even matrix layout. Also fixed some incorrect URLs checked in with the prior version, due to the document changing directory level. check-in: 648574cb user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Renamed www/ to www/server/index.html and converted it to HTML format. Did a bit of prose polishing and CSS work while in there. check-in: 81932667 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Small improvements to IIS + CGI doc check-in: f7c839c1 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Added docs for IIS + CGI server configuration. check-in: 9098ebba user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Assorted improvements to www/server/windows/ Removed the empty CGI and SCGI sections, as those will be separate articles. Added "Why Bother?" section. Added link to ./ Better explanation of the /code rewriting example. Hoist TLS info up into the new "Why Bother?" section. check-in: 1670e5fa user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Capitalization fix in HTML output from /artifact_stats check-in: d570edc6 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Include forum artifact statistics on the /artifact_stats page. check-in: e2f2a05e user: drh tags: trunk
Corrected the description of nginx + SCGI in www/ check-in: 0f217e89 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Added starting version of www/server/windows/, covering only the HTTP reverse proxying case. check-in: fbacfacf user: wyoung tags: server-docs
An attempt to make the main page simpler and yet self-contained, all at once. check-in: 5bb1e112 user: drh tags: server-docs
Moved the chroot and loadmgmt sections of www/ into separate documents. This change also adds info on /proc to the chroot doc, which was missing in its prior form. Also reduced a few other "details" sections of to bullet points in the new "Further Details" list at the end of the document. check-in: 85eaffb6 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Changed "socket activation" to "socket listener" in all the new docs check-in: 3c9f811b user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Markdownism fixes... check-in: 1428f59e user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Small improvements to the new Fossil Chroot Jail section of www/ check-in: 4c837bc3 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Small clarity tweak to the new "Methods" discussion in www/ check-in: fc00b7b2 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Converted the backwards-compatibility sections in www/ into identified hyperlinks to the new docs, which allows existing external ".../" URLs and such to work without needing the near-empty sections containing only a hyperlink just to anchor the link. check-in: 0bb59100 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Several small refinements to prior check-ins. check-in: 16e3cff6 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Moved the "Serving via althttpd" material from www/ to a new document, www/server/any/, linked from www/ check-in: 2e19fcee user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Added some named anchors to www/server/any/ check-in: ce4b4bae user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Moved the stunnel proxying docs from www/ to a new document www/server/any/, and pointed www/ at it. Also replaced some similar material in this branch's new www/server/windows/ file at this generic document. Between these two changes, the generic stunnel docs now cover the reverse proxying option for the first time. (The old version used the socket activation method exclusively.) The new document also gives a more realistic configuration, showing Let's Encrypt paths and a sensible ciphersuite configuration. check-in: 53b2e866 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Split the HTTP-only parts out of www/ into a new document discussing only the reverse-proxying of `fossil --scgi` to HTTP using nginx on Debian type OSes. That material is now in www/server/debian/, which is referred to from www/ While in there, did a bit of prose polishing on this old guide. check-in: 2baa8151 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Broke most of the contents of www/server/wiki out into a series of www/server/*.md articles that are now linked from a checkmark table in its place, which also links to the new www/server/windows/*.md files created to start this branch off. This is not purely a matter of moving prose around: there is a fair bit of improvement to the pre-existing prose as well, most notably that we now document the Fossil chroot jail requirements for the first time. (Previously, you had to go dig up mailing list or forum posts (or even RTFS!) to work out those requirements.) There's more to do on all of this; do not merge it to trunk yet. check-in: fad82714 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Relaxed the "enforcing" language around the planned change of hash policy from "auto" to "sha3" in Fossil 2.10 within section 2.8 of the doc, and clarified what will actually happen with that release as compared to the current release. check-in: c5461fb5 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Merged recent spell check fixes into this branch so we don't revert any of them. check-in: a9fd086f user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Another spell check pass on www/* using a different dictionary than in the prior pass. ([79c2cb083152]) check-in: 0996347d user: wyoung tags: trunk
Server Documentation Update. This ckeckin contains instructions for using Fossil as a windows service and with stunnel as an https proxy. check-in: 8b7c563d user: ckennedy tags: server-docs
Additional documentation on CGI configuration options. Updates to the change log. New hyperlinks interconnecting the various documents. check-in: fbc3b2f7 user: drh tags: trunk
Remove the sigalrm_handler() function on windows builds as it is never called there. check-in: 1d7afcdf user: drh tags: trunk
Improvements to HOME search on windows, and improve the documentation of the same. check-in: 006afac0 user: drh tags: trunk
Set a default timeout on CGI requests of 300 seconds. check-in: 859d6b16 user: drh tags: trunk
Add "Forum Posts" as an option to "Activity Reports" check-in: 6ada7e37 user: drh tags: trunk
Improvements to the hyperlink description in /md_rules. check-in: b8fac035 user: drh tags: trunk
Added "Forum Posts" choice to the "Activity Reports" sub section of /stat. Closed-Leaf check-in: f39e47a1 user: wyoung tags: forum-post-activity-report
Refine HOME search order on Windows to maintain backward compatibility with the previous search hierarchy. Closed-Leaf check-in: c07cbcd3 user: mistachkin tags: windows-env-usage-v2
Merge in from trunk. Leaf check-in: 0f9f2e40 user: andybradford tags: test-updates
Updated the temp file and dir location documentation in www/ to match what the current code does. Closed-Leaf check-in: 1f63724e user: wyoung tags: windows-env-usage
Inserted %USERPROFILE% between %FOSSIL_HOME% and %LOCALAPPDATA% in the code that chooses where the user's account-wide _fossil file lives on Windows. (This is the Windows analog to the ~/.fossil file on POSIX systems.) Also updated the docs to match. check-in: 15176c8a user: wyoung tags: windows-env-usage
Update the /stat page to show forum statistics. check-in: 29141af7 user: drh tags: trunk
Fixes to the new markdown hyperlink logic to handle the case there the target URL is not defined. check-in: 44545eef user: drh tags: trunk
Contributing PowerShell script Set-ChildProject.ps1. This script wraps the code for converting a project into a child project into an easy to use PowerShell script. The script should be cross platform, but was only tested on Windows 10. Leaf check-in: 0b70cf6d user: ckennedy tags: windows-tools
Enhance markdown to use the same hyperlink target resolving logic as Fossil wiki. That means that wiki page names and check-in and ticket hashes can now be used as markdown hyperlink URLs. Also enhance markdown hyperlinks so that if the display text is an empty string, the URL is used as the display text. check-in: 774fb771 user: drh tags: trunk
Two additional places where links to /markup_help are useful. check-in: 5f328d9f user: drh tags: trunk
Fix up the markdown rules to include recent enhancements to fenced code blocks. On "Markup Style:" entry boxes, provide a hyperlink for easy access to the rule sheets. check-in: 18a84ed8 user: drh tags: trunk
Further work on the fenced code blocks of markdown. Allow blank lines in the middle of a fenced code block. And also allow ~ character (three or more) to serve as the delimiter for fenced code blocks. check-in: c7600da4 user: drh tags: trunk
Added an aside in fossil-v-git about Git's minority use of high-level scripting languages aside from its dominant one, POSIX shell, with a comparison to Fossil's own use of high-level scripting. check-in: 1296ee46 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Simplified the table line items for the hash algorithm point in as "SHA-3" vs "SHA-2". Details we delegate to the discussion prose below. check-in: 595559f4 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Expanded the discussion on user learning time vs arcance feature set size in, within section 2.5.3 "Accepting Contributions". check-in: 1b479aff user: wyoung tags: trunk
Small tweaks to the prose in section 2.5 in check-in: 466d74c8 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Fix the www/ Fossilized Bash Prompt script so that it works even if the current check-in comment contains grave accents (backticks). check-in: c49f3ef4 user: drh tags: trunk
Further refine the fenced code block rendering in markdown to try to comply with the CommonMark spec. check-in: 81caad6c user: drh tags: trunk
A triple grave accent quoted text (```....```) in markdown is rendered as <pre>...</pre>. check-in: 2077ffe6 user: drh tags: trunk
Moved the comment about learning from Git's design mistakes to a place higher up in the document where it makes more sense. It was almost a non sequitur where it was before. check-in: 0e0d76ee user: wyoung tags: trunk
Clarity pass on the new "Portable" section of article. check-in: 4b574be4 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Deferred discussion of data modeling from the intro of fossil-v-git to section 2.3 where it's fully covered. This material now talks more clearly about Fossil's hybrid NoSQL/relational data model, rather than handwave it as "relational". check-in: e2998923 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added Digital Ocean pricing footnote to to back up the GitLab comparison. Also clarified the "smallest thing you could call a server" comment. check-in: efc873ec user: wyoung tags: trunk