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200 most recent check-ins that include changes to files matching 'skins/*'

Reworked the handling of the three "selected" row cases in /timeline (current, first-in-range and last-in-range) so the borders and highlighting extend to the left margin. The "current" case (seen under "fossil ui" only, to indicate the ckout version) wasn't a problem, but the other two use background colors potentially confusable with branch colors. This makes the timelines more like that of the Fossil 2.23 and prior default skin (now called Étienne) but with rounded corners in the modern modes, matching the rest of the timeline.

This occurs in all timeline modes, including the classic, compact, and verbose views. The result is that the corners for these selected row types are rounded, but because they tend to be compact, it gives a full-round look on the ends. Avoiding this would require considerably more verbose CSS, and it's plenty intricate as it is. ... (check-in: 9568091a user: wyoung tags: trunk)

Resurrect the "default" skin from the last release under a new name: "Dense". ... (Leaf check-in: 94f9b726 user: drh tags: resurrect-old-default-skin)
Extended [b272004b] to cover the "classic" timeline mode as well. ... (check-in: ef4a1e81 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Comment cell highlighting in /timeline now takes into account the compact and verbose modes better, and it separates out the rounding from the coloring so it can apply less rounding and a bit more padding in these same two cases, to avoid having the text near the corners crash into the borders. ... (check-in: b272004b user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Further improvements to pre styling, now taking MD forum posts into account. ... (check-in: 77f91620 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
The new skin's table styling now applies to docs served via /dir and /file URLs as well. Applying the new light-gray background styling on code blocks now, not just inline snippets. Lightened the gray level. ... (check-in: a9742101 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Assorted improvements to Pikchr handling in the docs under the new skin. ... (check-in: b3d99d92 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Comment improvement ... (check-in: 261f80db user: wyoung tags: trunk)
The inline "code" snippet styling in [4772a9b2] now applies to MD forum posts. ... (check-in: 32c4522d user: wyoung tags: trunk)
The h1 handling change in [b1f6753c] left a few definitions behind. Fixed. ... (check-in: 06a70ff8 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
The increased line-height CSS for "code" blocks is now reflected into the line number column in /file?ln views, keeping the two in sync. ... (check-in: d7457526 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Superior alternative to [e4aca28d1c3f5e8d]: instead of trying to treat the title on pages like /chat specially, treating the four main doc types specially, turning the body-area h1 on only in that case. This restores the Étienne skin's behavior for all other page types. ... (check-in: b1f6753c user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Suppressing the body-area "Chat" header on mobile. It takes up space to no useful end. ... (check-in: c0541318 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Applied semantic header and footer tag changes made to the default skin to all the others. This not only improves WCAG 2 conformance, it's necessary to allow the prior commit's changes to the /chat JS to find the equivalent header/footer/mainmenu/hbdrop tags in these skins, too. ... (check-in: 8f344297 user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Modernized the default skin, primarily to improve readability, and forked off the old default as "Étienne", named in honor of its creator. ... (check-in: 8a1ba49b user: wyoung tags: trunk)
Removed redundant sidebar styling; should've been done as part of [bcbd1c1e]. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 8aff4854 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Applied a few whitespace fixes to etienne/css.txt matching those in default/css.txt, to make the diff between them easier to read. ... (check-in: ce479eea user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Comment fix ... (check-in: 67a10cd7 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Restored the page title font size to the old default when it's up above the menu bar. Lost this in all the font size shuffling, seen now in comparison to what we're now calling skin=etienne. ... (check-in: c013926f user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Copied table formatting over to Étienne skin, but in monochrome form and without any of the extra whitespace in the default version. ... (check-in: f6897ff2 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Moved most of the sidebar implementation up into default.css in a generic form so all skins share it, including Étienne. What remains behind in the new default skin are the accent colors for the background and the left border. The generic form simply applies a tint darkening to whatever background it finds itself on, which works for most of the stock skins. ... (check-in: bcbd1c1e user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Applied Vim filetype modeline to the new Étienne skin so we don't lose syntax highlighting when bouncing between this and default. ... (check-in: 89ceba16 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Initial fork of the trunk default skin into "Étienne" (a.k.a. "etienne" without the accent for easier use in ?skin=" and such) for use by those who want to return to the old default once this branch is merged to trunk.

At the moment, it is a straight copy with the intent of forming a baseline for the minimal changes I'm about to make in order to allow the Fossil doc changes on this branch to render reasonably. ... (check-in: 7d8631f1 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)

Sidebars now float to the right of the main content when there's space to allow both. This doesn't wholly invalidate [c062e330], but this is a better overall solution. ... (check-in: 265412ee user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Applied the header and footer improvements from the wcag-2.1 branch. Changes generic divs with class labels into semantic elements that a browser can then treat specially, given their meaning. ... (check-in: b48e4836 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Collected two wiki-related CSS items to keep the diff relative to trunk smaller. ... (check-in: 58fa5819 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Whitespace fixes, for clarity ... (check-in: 235aaa02 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Moved the bit applying extra line height to paragraph-type elements into the "@media screen" section. The justification for this only applies to wide browser windows. It's too much leading for smartphones. ... (check-in: db87ded1 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Restored the #444 text color for headers, since bold and big text doesn't have the same need for high contrast ratios to be readable. ... (check-in: a3903958 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Deepened the dark gray body text color enough to allow us to simultaneously hit the two targets specified by the WCAG 2 accessibility standard: the 4.5:1 minimum contrast ratio between the background and the link, and the 3:1 ratio between the link and the surrounding body text. We've been called out on accessibility grounds for our prior "#444" body text color before, so this change is not merely placating the calculator. We believe the WCAG standards are based on solid human factors research, and this is a good time to address that. ... (check-in: 2267249c user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Extended [4772a9b2ccbb4c3c] to include less-common inline monospace tag types: var, samp, and kbd. Because this creates a nice and big combinatorial selector explosion, moved the explanation for this type of thing up from the "@media screen" handling of pre to this point, then referenced it from these places. Switched from SCSS to Sass syntax to make the examples clearer. This CSS is in fact generated from these samples, then hand-tweaked for clarity. ... (check-in: cb038b48 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Increased the brightness of unvisited links to bring their contrast up relative to body text above the 3:1 recommended by the WebAIM link contrast checker. This unavoidably drops the contrast with the background from around 4:1 to 3:1, but if links are kept short (ideally, one word only) this is a good tradeoff. ... (check-in: 17a64176 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Replaced static pale blue background for selected forum posts with a CSS animation that fades the default.css blue out to white over a second after page load. Also made the left border of the forumSel post's box heavy to serve as an after-animation selection indicator. ... (check-in: 9df0a451 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Backed off on mobile body font size reduction from 0.8em to 0.9em for the same reason we did it for desktop. ... (check-in: 3e230920 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Experimental styling of inline code and tt blocks in user content like everyone else (Stack Exchange, GitHub, Reddit, Discord…) do, with a light gray background and slight expansion of the box area, to offset it from the prose. ... (check-in: 4772a9b2 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Abandoned the +5% size bump for monospace fonts entirely. Its correctness is far too contingent on the font selected and the browser's quirks. ... (check-in: 9f3e59cf user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Reduced the font size adjustment for monospace fonts from +10% to +5% after testing on mobile, and made it apply to the same list of monospace font classes defined in src/default.css. ... (check-in: e220683a user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Simplified the SCSS example code by use of the language's "&" feature and an extra layer to handle the .content commonality. ... (check-in: 6ad8bc58 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Dropped the div.content layer out for /fileedit and /wikiedit. If it were necessary, we'd have to invert these two, but it isn't due to the earlier point about these selectors being plenty specific via direct ID element targeting. ... (check-in: 3f21415f user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Don't need to be as specific on the selectors targeting the /fileedit and /wikiedit preview tabs due to their use of "<div id=" naming. There is no reasonable possibility for an overreach here. ... (check-in: 902ea745 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Small tweak to make comment match code ... (check-in: fb0c1e71 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
The /fileedit and /wikiedit preview areas now show the skin's @media screen indent levels properly. The nine selectors we previously had per top-level tag had to become _sixteen_ (!) owing to Fossil's historical lack of consistency in applying parent classes. We could clean it all up on this branch, but then who knows how many custom skins that would break… ... (check-in: 0d7cdbb0 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Removed the duplicate copy of the SCSS input to the selector explosion in default/css.txt. It's getting too complex to maintain the duplication, and it's about to get worse. Linking it by reference now. ... (check-in: f5a80cad user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Added yet another special-case handler for the new skin's @media screen indent applicator. We were handling wiki embedded docs before, but we weren't handling the /wiki pages themselves. These appear with a top-level body class of "wiki", not "doc". ... (check-in: a1ebcb23 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Moved the page title on mobile from after the project name and the slash separator in the header to just above the content area, styled as a separate "h1" element, same as in an embedded doc with an "h1" inline. This accommodates long page titles better on narrow screens while leaving desktop-class windows alone. Reduced the size of h1 to be closer to h2 as a consequence. Also removed the new logo's top-padding on mobile to fit in better with all this. ... (check-in: f2ef252e user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Triumphant return of the logo in the title area, lost in the transition from "original" to the trunk default skin. ... (check-in: 45b05501 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Bumped submenu font size up slightly. This isn't so much a change from trunk as a restoration of trunk, tracking the overall body font size changes. ... (check-in: 1b205333 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Added three new block-element classes to the skin to replace use of "blockquote" with semantic alternatives:
  • "indent" for cases where the only purpose was to indent things
  • "blockquote" where you want an actual block quote in a wiki doc and thus can't use a "blockquote" element due to the historical misuse of this tag, preventing us from doing the same for it as we do for MD
  • "sidebar" when the reason you wanted an indented paragraph was to create a sidebar; this is styled much like a blockquote in MD (or the new "blockquote" class in wiki docs) but floats to the right.

Using all three of these in the remaining www/ docs that still used explicit "blockquote" tags.

(If you're wondering why the prior commit claims to have dealt with all of these tags when this commit belies that, it's because this work was done en masse, then split up into two related commits to keep the commit messages more on-point. It was easier to commit these two chunks of work in this order. It would have required a complicated dance with the stash to commit them in the more logical order.) ... (check-in: 56c7c2cb user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)

Removed extra space around pre.verbatim blocks in wiki output; plain "pre" has space already, and the extra means that if you use them both on the same page, you see the difference. ... (check-in: 06dfb683 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Update with all changes from trunk. ... (check-in: c454059a user: andybradford tags: clone-resume)
Found and fixed yet another exception to the many [mis]uses of blockquote tags… ... (check-in: 11805fcf user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Yesterday's reworking of document body indents left forum post blockquotes double-indented. Applied the same restrictions to them as to other element types. ... (check-in: 8fe40229 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Made title and menubar fonts more closely match the trunk default. ... (check-in: 7ebb635e user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
It is possible to trick the wiki to HTML renderer into leaving the first paragraph unwrapped by "p" tags, as with the doc, in which case you get no first-line padding. The trunk version of the skin works around this by putting 10px of padding in at the top, which we dialed back out in Inskinerator Modern since the MD renderer does not do this. Put it back, but as 1ex around the whole doc, giving a smidge of breathing room in odd cases like this one without putting too much in for the other cases where the paragraph spacing suffices. ... (check-in: 6185c648 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Prior change affects everything measured in ems, which causes the status line at the bottom and the user's login name in the upper right to be too small. ... (check-in: 82db130f user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Removed the body font size override for desktop screens, letting the browser take its default, "medium" in CSS-speak. This results in a slight reduction in all font sizes on desktop screens. ... (check-in: ac8bb235 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Changed the timeline highlight colors so that the secondary value (used in e.g. /vdiff&to) is a lighter and more saturated version of the primary accent color, being the header font color, and the secondary is a one-eighty hue shift on this. This results in a small color difference for the former, more complementary to the overall skin colors but still a light blue. The primary color — used in /info timelines and for the /vdiff&from cell — is more significantly shifted, a pale orange now rather than a bright yellow. This results from basic color theory; to maintain a yellow under this one-eighty hue rule, we'd have to make the secondary color purple, not blue.

Inskinerator Modern uses that rule to shift all the ancillary colors when you shift one of the primaries, saving the user from having to specify each derived color name manually. Fossil's hard-coded skins don't have that same motivation, and as hard-coded defaults, the old "office highlighter" colors were fine, but once you get down to specific instances, we don't want to use arbitrary color, we want them to be analogous or complementary to the main accent color. ... (check-in: 285defac user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)

Made the same type of improvement for "timelineCurrent" cells in modern view as we did for the primary and secondary selection colors in vdiff range graphs. That is, instead of highlighting the whole row and putting a box shadow below it, change the roundrect itself only. ... (check-in: a8e9f8c4 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
The careful selectors to cause indents to occur only in desired places prevent them from working in less obvious cases like /file URLs or for README files rendered under /dir. Solving this is easy in SCSS, but it creates a combinatorial explosion of selectors in CSS. Fortunately, we can generate the CSS with Inskinerator, then bake a cleaned-up static version of its ouptut into this file. ... (check-in: 30a7c1e2 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Moved all "margin-left" changes down into the desktop media block to make the hierarchy levels disappear on "mobile" screens. ... (check-in: d00a8867 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
One of the styles imported from Inskinerator was nested SCSS-style, causing it to have no effect in CSS. This then sparked a study of that section's effect, which made me realize Inskinerator wasn't reapplying the secondary selection color in timeline graphs over a range, as at the top of a /vdiff?from&to page. ... (check-in: 44ea50db user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Brought h1 and h2 level sizes down by 90% to make them less shouty. Didn't need to change h3 and below because there was enough of a gap between h2 and h3 to make it unnecessary. This very gap may be taken as proof of the prior problem. ... (check-in: 29c57f24 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Reverted the text size for Pikchr diagrams to the old 0.9em to match hard-coded assumptions in pikchr.c. See the checked-in comment for the alternative solutions considered and rejected. ... (check-in: 39368cdf user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Generalized the selector targeting the forum post editor controls to add a bit more vertical space around them so that it works for editing and replying to existing posts as well. ... (check-in: ef69f929 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Fixed up final significant known difference with Inskinerator Modern: lightened the background color on selected forum posts. ... (check-in: 5ead5d6d user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Assorted small tweaks to the new skin, catching small over-reaches and such found by opening many of the Fossil docs under it and seeing what happens to the existing formatting. ... (check-in: 538ddbff user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Prior commit lets us back out [f82b01cb]. ... (check-in: cdbf591b user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Major refactoring of the CSS selectors to avoid the need for all that "nomargins" stuff. By being more careful about affecting only the pages and elements we want to affect, we don't have to back changes out in the cases where we _don't_ want things changed. This does make the selectors more verbose, but it's better overall. ... (check-in: 27672761 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Added zebra-striping to tables. The old method was fine for smaller ones, but as tables get larger, with longer lines, it became difficult to trace which cells went with which row headers. ... (check-in: 37ff33ad user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Styled the hamburger drop-down div with the new "nomargins" style to back the "ul" indenting out. ... (check-in: f82b01cb user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Comment improvement on the "nomargins" section, and fixed up a few places where it wasn't as orthogonal as it should be. ... (check-in: f550c17d user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Collected the "nomargins" handling for forum posts and ticket comments together, then defined a new one-off style to do the same thing on arbitrary blocks. Tested it out on the page's sidebar. ... (check-in: d55d9b2a user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Made ticket report table border rounding consistent with MD tables. This requires a change to default.css, which had a conflicting style. If there are other skins where border-collapse mode is desired, this needs to be reapplied within that skin. ... (check-in: 2ba7a7d8 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Backed out indent levels for tickets as well; this should've been included in [4dbd66ad]. ... (check-in: 4fb177e6 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Confine the yellow highlight in modes like /timeline?c=current to the comment box, not escaping out across the whole table row. ... (check-in: fdf5f00c user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Increased font sizes and whitespace for MD/wiki doc pages, then backed the margins out for forum posts to avoid double-indenting in thread view. This change also restyles tables to be more modern. Although this commit appears somewhat unfocused, it is the core of the Modern skin, difficult to separate out into smaller elements. ... (check-in: 4dbd66ad user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Added a bit more space around the content area of pages. ... (check-in: bfe320f9 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Added a bit of vertical space around input controls on the forumedit page so things aren't jammed right up against each other. ... (check-in: 7876ead7 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Countering the 0.9em font size for monospace input boxes (forum post, wiki edit, ticket comment…) with 1.0em since these fonts tend to be smaller, and when they're full-width (as with /wikiedit and /fileedit) too many columns gets difficult to read. ... (check-in: 002635cc user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
Add a bit of padding around "verbatim" blocks in wiki markup so they don't need explicit whitespace in the source doc. Also, allow the text in such blocks to wrap if need be, to avoid scrolling wide texts on narrow screens. ... (check-in: edc57800 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)
First in a series of changes to the default skin to make it look more like Inskinerator Modern without bringing in Inskinerator's dependencies and machinery.

This change increases the body font size for desktop use without affecting mobile. With middle-aged eyes, the old default puts too much text on a line, decreasing readability due to long line lengths, even with browsers no wider than a sheet of office paper. For our definition of "mobile," line lengths are naturally limited to reasonable lengths, and in any case, compromise is the nature of that game. ... (check-in: 2fdfb834 user: wyoung tags: inskinerator-modern-backport)

Remove some vendor-prefixed CSS attributes, as modern browsers emit warnings for those. ... (check-in: a0850d54 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Sync with trunk. ... (Leaf check-in: 75978253 user: florian tags: diff-keyboard-navigation)
Sync with trunk. ... (Leaf check-in: f05b04a6 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Mark closed leaves with an X on the timeline graph. ... (check-in: 57bea365 user: drh tags: trunk)
Draw an X instead of a horizontal line. Uses SVG as attempts with characters differed wildly among browsers. ... (check-in: 63785bd9 user: preben tags: indicate-closed-branches-in-timeline)
Make the horisontal line for lcosed leafes thinner. ... (check-in: 6c27f413 user: preben tags: indicate-closed-branches-in-timeline)
Allow styling leaves of closed branches in /timeline. ... (check-in: e042be53 user: preben tags: indicate-closed-branches-in-timeline)
Eliminate duplicate folders on the /dir page when using the Ardoise skin, caused by [32297dde2bee23] and reported by Martin G. in /chat. ... (check-in: dedfb13b user: stephan tags: trunk)
Eliminate duplicate folders on the /dir page when using the Blitz skin, caused by [32297dde2bee23] and reported by Martin G. in /chat. ... (check-in: b6bb4a62 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Merge trunk into markdown-tagrefs branch and resolve conflict. ... (Leaf check-in: fdd3fe21 user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Merge trunk into forumpost-locking branch. ... (check-in: 8e7de26a user: stephan tags: forumpost-locking)
In the by-month and by-year reports, for the row that shows the current year or month, included a dashed box that shows the event count projected to the end of the current month or year. ... (check-in: 42ce541d user: drh tags: trunk)
Merge updates from trunk. ... (Leaf check-in: e3df21cd user: mistachkin tags: th1Hash)
Merge latest changes from trunk. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 88a76afc user: mgagnon tags: merge-conflict-when-no-file-on-pivot)
Merge trunk into forumpost-locking branch. ... (check-in: 0af37104 user: stephan tags: forumpost-locking)
CSS tweak for disabled submit buttons in darkmode skin, based on forum feedback. ... (check-in: 081194bb user: stephan tags: trunk)
CSS tweaks for the Blitz and Aroise skins to make it more apparent when Submit buttons are disabled. Based on forum post 4cbd254480d00dd2. ... (check-in: c0f62386 user: stephan tags: trunk)
A blitz skin forum CSS tweak from 224044aa2d8d2 to give visited links in the thread list a slightly different color. ... (check-in: 68e9acb8 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Forum listing CSS tweaks prompted by 3d350d67b6e836. ... (check-in: 0aae0ef5 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Slight CSS tweak to the darkmode skin's forum listing, based on forum post 9a6f4c039d82, intended to make the have-been-visited links stand out a bit better. ... (check-in: d2c93a41 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Correct a directory name in skins/ which was made invalid via code restructuring. ... (check-in: e6ef1977 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Brought the ui-local-diff branch up to date relative to trunk. It isn't a simple merge, primarily due to all the changes to /vdiff and /fdiff made over the past 2 years. It seems to work as well as it originally did, but it isn't ready to merge down to trunk as-is. ... (check-in: 76fa1657 user: wyoung tags: ui-local-diff)
Merge trunk into markdown-tagrefs branch. ... (check-in: baf038b1 user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Remove bootstrap skin, per discussion in forum post aa02d7443d446211. Clients with that skin selected will automatically be switched to the default. ... (check-in: e1ef9347 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Apply fixes to all web views to pass WCAG 2.1 tests performed by "axe DevTools" browser extension. Most fixes related to screen reader compatibility, like making sure that form elements have labels. Some color changes to improve contrast on Default skin. Made more HTML5 compliant. Minor improvement to select combo boxes for UX. Improved Search form UX. Two minor bug fixes for malformed HTML. Fixed help pages to resolve issues with non-compliant HTML being generated. Mostly documented at ... (check-in: 1f231db3 user: ericwikman tags: wcag-2.1)
Merge updates from trunk. ... (check-in: 6f3640a7 user: mistachkin tags: th1Hash)
Another attempt to make the CSS for the focus indicator work with any skin foreground and background colors and branch colors: instead of changing just the background color, the foreground color is also adjusted, so the indicator can still be recognized even if similar to a branch color. Besides, no more editing of SVG code is necessary to make adjustments. ... (check-in: a8d306be user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Try to fix the focus indicator CSS to work for all skins: alpha-blending "10% black" with light-mode background colors, or "20% white" with dark-mode background colors, looks surprisingly well and conflicts less with branch colors (which can be orange-ish, but never black or white). Note that the dark-mode skins Ardoise, Dark Mode and Xekri (but not Eagle) require the previously removed !important directive. It\'s still possible for skins to overwrite the focus indicator CSS when duplicating the !important directive. ... (check-in: 7d026886 user: florian tags: timeline-keyboard-navigation)
Merged in trunk. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: c97ad9d6 user: danield tags: diff-show-versions)
Merged in trunk. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 20c1ba2e user: danield tags: timeline-cmd-by-branch)
Merged in trunk. ... (check-in: 6bdb2fbe user: danield tags: version-cmd-describe)
Merged in trunk. ... (check-in: fd14e7ec user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Merge in pikchrshow-wasm branch: reimplement /pikchrshow using a client-side WASM build of pikchr.c, plus related feature-adjacent tweaks in mimetype handling. ... (check-in: 7fcb4626 user: stephan tags: trunk)
darkmode skin: replace on-focus color change of buttons with a light border, else the text has illegibly little contrast. ... (check-in: 63d51076 user: stephan tags: pikchrshow-wasm)
Merge from trunk ... (check-in: 8d78eddd user: george tags: search-terms-highlighting)
Merge from trunk ... (check-in: 9094def2 user: george tags: rptview-submenu-paralink)
Merge from trunk ... (check-in: 5c0515e2 user: george tags: wcontent-subsets)
Merge from trunk ... (check-in: 6721c654 user: george tags: th1-doc-vars)
Merged in trunk. ... (check-in: c800d2ca user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Merge the ardoise skin CSS fix from trunk. ... (check-in: bda1728a user: drh tags: synclog)
ardoise skin: fix misalignment of changed lines and line numbers in the unified view. ... (check-in: 44b92c79 user: danield tags: trunk)
ardoise skin: fixed misalignment of line number and content columns in the /file line-number view. Reported by Daniel D. in /chat. ... (check-in: 22e41fe3 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Merge latest changes from trunk. ... (check-in: 3348c66e user: drh tags: synclog)
Prevent a duplicate 'Logout' menu in the Eagle skin. ... (check-in: fb683a3e user: mistachkin tags: trunk)
Merge in trunk (release 2.17) ... (check-in: c1868b9f user: george tags: search-terms-highlighting)
Merge in trunk (release 2.17) ... (check-in: a33f616e user: george tags: rptview-submenu-paralink)
Merge in trunk (release 2.17) ... (check-in: 315351f4 user: george tags: wcontent-subsets)
Merge in trunk (release 2.17) ... (check-in: 56e2d3ad user: george tags: th1-doc-vars)
Merged in trunk for latest (and conflicting) /chat changes. ... (check-in: 7cae4c09 user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Refactor and improve the input logic for /chat. ... (check-in: 469f1b0d user: drh tags: trunk)
Made monospace the default because that setting now also applies to the input area and this chat is often used for conveying code. Accounted for a couple bits of skin-specific weirdness. ... (check-in: f9e2851a user: stephan tags: chat-input-rework)
Merged in latest trunk. test-markdown-render now accepts files and string literals. ... (check-in: 5618cceb user: stephan tags: markdown-tagrefs)
Added an optional widget to /chat which gives an overview of who is actively posting and enables filtering messages by users. ... (check-in: ce0d61bb user: stephan tags: trunk)
Disable chat animations during the bootstrapping process. Increated timestamp size a tick. Xekri CSS tweak to eliminate body-level scrollbars in chat-only mode. ... (check-in: 4ff16c05 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
xekri skin: remove the outlandish saturation on chat message tabs and make user name color more legible in the recent activity list. ... (check-in: 33684346 user: stephan tags: chat-user-filter)
Revert part of the previous commit so that only buttons, not textareas an input fields, are affected. ... (check-in: 15d58775 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Darkmode skin tweak so that certain form elements, e.g. buttons, don't have _entirely_ invisible backgrounds. ... (check-in: 65233c9f user: stephan tags: trunk)
xekri skin: make /chat names and timestamps slightly more legible. ... (check-in: 919468b3 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Xekri skin: added same logo toggle as in [c4c64257cf], improved page layout in chat mode, and slightly modernized the header layout. Gave chat message area in all skins a very slight side padding. ... (check-in: 714ff824 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Eagle skin: added a toggle in the header to switch the logo link between the historical behavior (link to top of the current domain) and new (link to top of current repo), defaulting to the original behavior. Forum post f7a84dc19d51efa8. ... (check-in: c4c64257 user: stephan tags: trunk)
eagle skin: cleaned up the clock-update JS function and modernized the logo appearance a bit. /fileedit: fixed a help test typo. ... (check-in: 7912deb5 user: stephan tags: trunk)
skins: replaced CSS attributes prefixed with old/obsolete/non-standard -moz/-ms/-mx/-webkit with their standard counterparts. ... (check-in: 9386c4c0 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Diff-related style tweaks to Ardoise skin, per /chat discussion. ... (check-in: efebb417 user: stephan tags: trunk)
darkmode skin: give SELECT elements a color combination which is visible, as reported in forum post 9a87b3e40d. ... (check-in: ee0b76a7 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Enhance the various diff views (excluding diff -b output) to be able to dynamically load more context lines per mouse click. ... (check-in: 51c1efd4 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Diff-related CSS cleanups. ... (check-in: 1ca68f3a user: stephan tags: diff-js-refactoring)
jchunk-related style tweaks for Eagle and Khaki skins. ... (check-in: bbc534e7 user: stephan tags: diff-js-refactoring)
Several CSS tweaks to get the skins playing nicely. We still have some weird, as-yet unexplained quirks with Darkmode, Bootstrap, and Xekri (forced tables sizes are not being applied, or are inconsistent, despite styles being set). ... (check-in: 860f8f25 user: stephan tags: diff-js-refactoring)
Refactor the diff logic for improved modularity and performance. This check-in transitions the diff improvement efforts from a branch to trunk. The effort is not yet complete, but it is stable enough to continue going on trunk. User-visible changes include (1) improved diff display, especially for unified diffs, (2) the new "fossil xdiff" command (promoting the older "test-diff" command into a supported command), and improved performance. Behind the scenes, (3) the class names DOM module used for for HTML diffs is simplified - which may break custom skins, (4) the internal processing of diffs is simplified in many ways. ... (check-in: 9e330740 user: drh tags: trunk)
Adjust diff colors in all skins. ... (check-in: 39103606 user: drh tags: diff-color-enhancements)
Merge from trunk ... (check-in: f4458559 user: george tags: rptview-submenu-paralink)
Merge from trunk ... (check-in: cea36e6c user: george tags: wcontent-subsets)
Merge from trunk ... (check-in: 1cf5c43e user: george tags: th1-doc-vars)
An improved matcher algo for [76916757] and a slight padding adjustment of (.mainmenu a) elements in the default skin to work around a Firefox-specific quirk where the active link underlining did not appear. ... (check-in: 6d9ac907 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Corrected the is-active marking for the current page's main menu entry in skins which do such marking. It was mismatching other entries when the current page's path was a prefix of an inactive menu entry's path, as reported in forum post c3d646ab0ad1a4c0. ... (check-in: 76916757 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Merged in trunk for SSL improvements and deployment to test server. ... (check-in: 42232361 user: stephan tags: chat-user-last-seen)
xekri skin: recolor links in fossil-PopupWidget elements so that the links are visible. ... (check-in: d2c8ba0f user: stephan tags: trunk)
Per /chat discussion: reopenened branch, merged in trunk, removed this branch's DROP TABLE option (potential data loss risk) but kept DROP VIEW/INDEX (no permanent damage can be done with those). Not yet ready for merge: addition of test code to run against the SQL authorizers is pending. ... (check-in: 02226325 user: stephan tags: tktschema-allow-drop)
Merge from trunk ... (check-in: 9712d59d user: george tags: rptview-submenu-paralink)
de-minify the custom CSS for the bootstrap skin, so that it is readable and editable. ... (check-in: 95a72691 user: drh tags: trunk)
/brlist: use background color change, instead of bold, for selected branches to avoid layout changes from the text changing size, as discussed in and around forum post 606cbfdff6. Background color is the same as timelineSelected for all skins except xekri, which needs a bit more contrast. ... (check-in: 9322a0bc user: stephan tags: trunk)
Merge from 'brlist-timeline' which enables easy selection of several branches on the /brlist page. A special hyperlink in the submenu of /brlist page interactively tracks which branches are checked and points to the /timeline view of just these selected branches. ... (check-in: 5df47469 user: george tags: trunk)
Fixed misinteraction between bootstrap skin and new /brlist selection feature caused by both using the .label class for their own purposes. ... (check-in: f5bcff6c user: stephan tags: brlist-timeline)
Sync w/trunk. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: 79be1156 user: larrybr tags: panic-reduction)
Darkmode skin ticket page style improvements from forum post f7f89e2cdb. ... (check-in: fb39f02b user: stephan tags: trunk)
Merge from trunk ... (check-in: 1a403a7a user: george tags: wiki-history)
xekri skin: set .debug foreground color to something legible against the yellowish background. ... (check-in: 749d9daf user: stephan tags: trunk)
xekri skin: Added missing color customization for selected forum post (was illegible). Added borders to blockquotes. ... (check-in: c070a27f user: stephan tags: trunk)
xekri skin: added a bit of contrast to the dark-blue-on-black bits by lightening the blue a tad. ... (check-in: 104b0a18 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Khaki skin: added a border to blockquotes in forum posts. ... (check-in: 06f2192c user: stephan tags: trunk)
Removed the reduced opacity from the 'active' menu item in darkmode skin. It just looks a bit odd. ... (check-in: a0f30a58 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Add the "re=" query parameter to the /dir webpage. Improvments to skin documentation and to the change log. ... (check-in: f08466dd user: drh tags: trunk)
Merged trunk changes in. Only needed to track my own rename of branch_of_rid() to branch_of_ckin_rid() ... (Leaf check-in: ea28708f user: wyoung tags: artifact-view-links)
Merged in trunk. ... (Closed-Leaf check-in: ab047b62 user: stephan tags: leaves-command-branched-from)
Merge from trunk ... (check-in: 7e755346 user: george tags: wiki-history)
darkmode skin: cleaned up centering of hamburger menu. ... (check-in: daf8ab95 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Brought graham's ui-local-diff branch up to date with respect to trunk. This is not a simple merge, because it had to accommodate several conflicting changes, so it needs to be re-checked for sanity before being merged down to trunk. Also, some of the changes I made simply reduce the size of the resulting diff relative to trunk and need to be reverted; these are primarily 2-line splits of "else/if" so the branch-specific change doesn't repeat the following "if" condition, which is now the "else if" condition. I think this sort of thing aids understanding of the diff, even though it breaks the style guidelines. ... (check-in: 0516f4d3 user: wyoung tags: ui-local-diff)
darkmode CSS: added horizontal scrollbar on pre.udiff, needed for diffs of wiki edits. ... (check-in: 7e2bc084 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Refinements to built-in skins to try to get them all working reasonably on mobile. ... (check-in: 0a7a86c4 user: drh tags: trunk)
Simplify the palette of built-in skins by combining "original", "enhanced1", and "rounded1" into just "original" and combining "blitz_no_logo" into "blitz". Update all built-in skins so that they sitemap is accessible from the menu by default. ... (check-in: 22fb2de4 user: drh tags: trunk)
Add the "lappend" TH1 command. All built-in skins now respond to the "desktoponly" and "wideonly" classes on the main menu. ... (check-in: d4c91b40 user: drh tags: trunk)
Improved hover colors for tree-view and file-ages in the darkmode skin. ... (check-in: eb535618 user: drh tags: trunk)
Added 'L' pseudo-capability character to indicate is-logged-in, for use with th1 capexpr. Removed hard-coded addition of login/logout menu entries in skin headers, delegating them to the mainmenu setting, and added Login/Logout entries to the default mainmenu value. ... (check-in: e5240c97 user: stephan tags: trunk)
Khaki skin: fixed login/logout links in the header (were missing the $home URL prefix). ... (check-in: 9a8361f6 user: stephan tags: trunk)
ardoise skin: updated security audit table colors. darkmode skin: added .wideonly/.desktoponly. ... (check-in: 39ce70a1 user: stephan tags: trunk)
More CSS tweaks to darkmode. Add the hamburger menu to the khaki skin. Minor styling tweak to plain_gray. ... (check-in: eb8af11b user: drh tags: trunk)
More tweaks to the CSS for darkmode. ... (check-in: 9f43fca0 user: drh tags: trunk)
A few tweaks to the darkmode skin. ... (check-in: 1adcb8a4 user: drh tags: trunk)
First attempt at a new "darkmode" skin. Based on the skin found in libfossil, but with the title centered and a hamburger menu added, as well as a few other tweaks. More tweaking is needed. ... (check-in: 1e815c46 user: drh tags: trunk)
The canonical Fossil homepage is now without the "www." in the domain and with the main path at /home, not /index.html or /fossil. Update all URLs in documentation to reflect this fact. ... (check-in: 09908ab0 user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix a problem in the "original" skin header.txt file. ... (check-in: 63437a75 user: drh tags: trunk)
In the default skins, the main menu on web pages is now mostly determined by the "mainmenu" setting rather than by the "header.txt" file of the skin. This allows a project to more easily change skins without disrupting the customized menu. It also means that the built-in skins are morely likely to be usable without any modification. This change also adds the "string match" command to TH1. ... (check-in: 5f227129 user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix the default header files so that they correctly apply the $home prefix only for URLs that begin with /. ... (check-in: cc675c0a user: drh tags: new-main-menu)
Fix a mistaken edit in the CSS for the default skin. ... (check-in: bb8bf232 user: drh tags: new-main-menu)
The main menu for web display is now derived from the "mainmenu" setting, for the built-in skins. Customized skins that ignore the mainmenu setting continue to operate as before. Added the "string match" TH1 command to help. ... (check-in: 923841b7 user: drh tags: new-main-menu)
Rework the /sitemap customization settings. There is now just a single setting "sitemap-extra" that is a TCL list of triples, where each triple defines a new entry in the /sitemap. Legacy entries are ignored. Administrators that have a custom /sitemap configuration will need to update the "Custom Sitemap Entries" setting on the /Admin/Configuration page after updating to this version of Fossil or later. ... (check-in: aa5beb8c user: drh tags: trunk)
Add support for the "pikchr-background" detail.txt skin setting used to specify an alternative background color value for Pikchr diagrams. Set this value appropriately for the eagle and ardoise skins. ... (check-in: 557f51b3 user: drh tags: trunk)
Add the hamburger menu to the ardoise skin. ... (check-in: b2065466 user: drh tags: trunk)
Hamburger menu enhancements: (1) Rename the JS to src/hbmenu.js (2) Make the JS independent of TH1 so that it can be loaded using builtin_request_js(). (3) Add a new TH1 command that invokes builtin_request_js(). (4) Revise the default and plain_gray skins to make use of the previous. ... (check-in: 9cd74289 user: drh tags: trunk)