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# Copyright (c) 2016 WorkWare Systems
# All rights reserved

# Auto-load module for 'tmake' build system integration

use init

autosetup_add_init_type tmake "Tcl-based tmake build system" {
	autosetup_check_create auto.def \
{# Initial auto.def created by 'autosetup --init=tmake'
# vim:set syntax=tcl:

use cc cc-lib cc-db cc-shared
use tmake

# Add any user options here
# Really want a --configure that takes over the rest of the command line
options {

cc-check-tools ar ranlib

set objdir [get-env BUILDDIR objdir]

make-config-header $objdir/include/autoconf.h
make-tmake-settings $objdir/settings.conf {[A-Z]*}

	autosetup_check_create project.spec \
{# Initial project.spec created by 'autosetup --init=tmake'

# vim:set syntax=tcl:
define? DESTDIR _install

# XXX If configure creates additional/different files than include/autoconf.h
#     that should be reflected here

# We use [set AUTOREMAKE] here to avoid rebuilding settings.conf
# if the AUTOREMAKE command changes
Depends {settings.conf include/autoconf.h} auto.def -msg {note Configuring...} -do {
	run [set AUTOREMAKE] >$build/config.out
} -onerror {puts [readfile $build/config.out]} -fatal
Clean config.out
DistClean --source config.log
DistClean settings.conf include/autoconf.h

# If not configured, configure with default options
# Note that it is expected that configure will normally be run
# separately. This is just a convenience for a host build
define? AUTOREMAKE configure TOPBUILDDIR=$TOPBUILDDIR --conf=auto.def

Load settings.conf

# e.g. for up autoconf.h
IncludePaths include


# Hmmm, but should we turn off AutoSubDirs?
#AutoSubDirs off

	if {![file exists build.spec]} {
		puts "Note: I don't see build.spec. Try running: tmake --genie"