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  *  Get IPv6 working.
  *  WYSIWYG wiki editing.Code examples:
      [].  This is currently working
      but it could be improved to work better.
  *  Web-based file editing
  *  Display preferences stored in a cookie.<ul>
     <li> Edit preferences screen
     <li> sbs/unified/no-diff
     <li> default timeline formats
  *  Automatically adjust side-by-side diff fontsize to fit
  *  full text search  (See also the "grep" suggestion below)
  *  attachment text shown beside the attachment
  *   Fix the "private" branch mechanism so that it is easy to convert
     a private branch into a public branch.
  *   Automated self-test
  *   Include zlib in the sources and use them if not installed on the build
      machine (which is often the case on windows). This is done on Windows
      but is unimplemented on unix, though to be fair, most unix
      systems have -lz installed.  Consider also using
      [ | miniz] instead of zlib, since it
      is a single self-contained source file.
  *  Fix the gdiff command so that when many files are involved and an early
     one is cancelled, the process stops without going through all the rest 
  *   Add a diff option similar to --tk that shows the graphical diff in
      a web-browser instead of a Tk window.
  *   A download page holding builds.  Builds are not versioned and not synced.
      Special commands for syncing build products.
  *   Better error message if the repo file or its directory have the wrong
  *  Uncommit
  *   Polish our current plain diff view of file/changeset differences. Google's view of deltas looks nice. [|Example of Google]. (Colorized side-by-side view through the 'diff' link, and colorized unidiff through the (+) button).
  *   Partial commit of a modified file (i.e. choose which of many hunks should be committed). This needs a graphical interface (for the selection). Actually everything can be done in an interface, saving and restoring the file across the commit, with selected changes in the commit. No need to modify the core fossil app for this.  (DRH is deeply skeptical of this proposal, since it 
facilitates checking in untested code.)
  *   Implement "grep" using the built-in regexp engine.  <ul>
      <li> Search filenames given on the command-line or all managed files if
           no filesnames are supplied
      <li> Search the check-in named on the command-line or the 
           current check-out if no check-in is named
      <li> --from VERSION and --to VERSION 
           options to search a range of check-ins
      <li> --timeline, --tickets, or --wiki PATTERN to search things other
           than check-ins
      <li> --before DATE and --after DATE to limit the timespan of a search.
      <li> Always output filename and line number
      <li> Only show matches not found in adjacent check-ins, unless --all
           is used.
      <li> --earliest shows only the first match and --latest shows only the
           most recent match when grepping a range of check-ins.
      <li> -l just lists matching files
      <li> --diff-only only search the difference between check-ins
  *  Add the ability to specify Markdown markup in the wiki editor.
     The file format already accommodates this (using the N card).  Just
     enhance the UI to make use of the capability.
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