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  • File skins/default/header.txt — part of check-in [f1bb72ed] at 2017-11-03 13:34:07 on branch trunk — Automatically generate the <html><head>...</head><body> section at the beginning of each HTML document if the header template does not contain a <body> tag. Likewise for the </body></html> after the footer. (user: drh size: 971) [more...]

<div class="header">
  <div class="title"><h1>$<project_name></h1>$<title></div>
    <div class="status"><th1>
 if {[info exists login]} {
   html "$login — <a href='$home/login'>Logout</a>\n"
 } else {
   html "<a href='$home/login'>Login</a>\n"
<div class="mainmenu">
proc menulink {url name} {
  upvar current_page current
  upvar home home
  if {[string range $url 0 [string length $current]] eq "/$current"} {
    html "<a href='$home$url' class='active'>$name</a>\n"
  } else {
    html "<a href='$home$url'>$name</a>\n"
menulink $index_page Home
if {[anycap jor]} {
  menulink /timeline Timeline
if {[hascap oh]} {
  menulink /dir?ci=tip Files
if {[hascap o]} {
  menulink  /brlist Branches
  menulink  /taglist Tags
if {[hascap r]} {
  menulink /ticket Tickets
if {[hascap j]} {
  menulink /wiki Wiki
if {[hascap s]} {
  menulink /setup Admin
} elseif {[hascap a]} {
  menulink /setup_ulist Users