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This is the README for how to set up the Fossil/JSON test web page
under Apache on Unix systems. This is only intended only for
Fossil/JSON developers/tinkerers:

First, copy cgi-bin/fossil-json.cgi.example to
cgi-bin/fossil-json.cgi.  Edit it and correct the paths to the fossil
binary and the repo you want to serve. Make it executable.

MAKE SURE that the fossil repo you use is world-writable OR that your
Web/CGI server is set up to run as the user ID of the owner of the
fossil file. ALSO: the DIRECTORY CONTAINING the repo file must be
writable by the CGI process.

Next, set up an apache vhost entry. Mine looks like:

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerAlias fjson
    ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /home/stephan/cvs/fossil/fossil-json/ajax/cgi-bin/
    DocumentRoot /home/stephan/cvs/fossil/fossil-json/ajax

Now add your preferred vhost name (fjson in the above example) to /etc/hosts: ...other aliases... fjson

Restart your Apache.

Now visit: http://fjson/

that will show the test/demo page. If it doesn't, edit index.html and
make sure that:

  WhAjaj.Connector.options.ajax.url = ...;

points to your CGI script. In theory you can also do this over fossil
standalone server mode, but i haven't yet tested that particular test
page in that mode.