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Artifact 24829897e941d1cef4f8b8d6291c86d9cfe17cd7:

Blitz Theme (no logo)

Contributed by James Moger (

This theme is inspired by my own project, Gitblit, and offered to the Fossil project.

This theme embeds & uses an unmodified copy of Normalize 3.0.2 which is distributed under an MIT license.

This theme uses half of a heavily-modified version of Skeleton which is distributed under an MIT license. None of the responsive elements (media queries) are included at this time.

The font used in the included Fossil logo image is Trillium Web Light @ 48px HTML color code #456a7a.

The RSS feed icon is sourced from Font-Awesome by Dave Gandy and is distributed under the SIL OFL 1.1 license.