Artifact [2b485ac6]

Artifact 2b485ac67f5ba9917da5f1ea679eee581a8e08a79dfbfb811c4833586330163a:

/* As an anti-robot defense, <a> elements are initially coded with the
** href= set to the honeypot, and <form> elements are initialized with
** action= set to the login page.  The real values for href= and action=
** are held in data-href= and data-action=.  The following code moves
** data-href= into href= and data-action= into action= for all
** <a> and <form> elements, after delay and maybe also after mouse
** movement is seen.
** Before sourcing this script, create a separate <script> element
** (with type='application/json' to avoid Content Security Policy issues)
** containing:
**     {"delay":MILLISECONDS, "mouseover":BOOLEAN}
** The <script> must have an id='href-data'.  DELAY is the number 
** milliseconds delay prior to populating href= and action=.  If the
** mouseover boolean is true, then the timer does not start until a
** mouse motion event occurs over top of the document.
function setAllHrefs(){
  var anchors = document.getElementsByTagName("a");
  for(var i=0; i<anchors.length; i++){
    var j = anchors[i];
    if(j.hasAttribute("data-href")) j.href=j.getAttribute("data-href");
  var forms = document.getElementsByTagName("form");
  for(var i=0; i<forms.length; i++){
    var j = forms[i];
    if(j.hasAttribute("data-action")) j.action=j.getAttribute("data-action");
function antiRobotDefense(){
  var x = document.getElementById("href-data");
  var jx = x.textContent || x.innerText;
  var g = JSON.parse(jx);
  var isOperaMini ="[object OperaMini]";
  if(g.mouseover && !isOperaMini){
      setTimeout(setAllHrefs, g.delay);
    setTimeout(setAllHrefs, g.delay);