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  • File skins/ardoise/images/addindent.svg — part of check-in [9201207f] at 2018-01-13 14:48:07 on branch skin-ardoise — Fix the search result highlighting, fix timeline layout issues with non-commit events, replace the WYSIWYG editor icons, and slightly improve the file browser icons. (user: achavasse size: 280) [more...]

<svg xmlns="" width="22" height="22" viewBox="0 0 5.821 5.821"><path d="M1.058 1.323h3.704M2.381 2.381h2.382M2.381 3.44h2.382M1.058 4.498h3.704" fill="none" stroke="#aaa" stroke-width=".529"/><path d="M2.117 2.91L.794 2.117v1.587z" fill="#66a8c7"/></svg>