Artifact [9f7e7ea7]

Artifact 9f7e7ea7cc6c75df78c5efb761d10a4e8e354401:

  # This is a "TH1 fragment" used to test the Tcl integration features of TH1.
  # The corresponding test file executes this file using the test-th-render
  # Fossil command.
  # NOTE: This test requires that the SQLite package be available for the Tcl
  #       interpreter that is linked to the Fossil executable.
  tclInvoke set repository_name [repository 1]
  proc doOut {msg} {puts $msg; puts \n}
  doOut [tclEval {
    package require sqlite3
    sqlite3 db $repository_name -readonly true
    set x [db eval {SELECT COUNT(*) FROM user;}]
    db close
    return $x