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# Run this script in an open Fossil checkout at the top-level with a
# fresh build of Fossil itself.  This script will run fossil on hundreds
# of different web-pages looking for memory allocation problems using
# valgrind.  Valgrind output appears on stderr.  Suggested test scenario:
#     make
#     tclsh valgrind-www.tcl 2>&1 | tee valgrind-out.txt
# Then examine the valgrind-out.txt file for issues.
proc run_query {url} {
  set fd [open q.txt w]
  puts $fd "GET $url HTTP/1.0\r\n\r"
  close $fd
  set msg {}
  catch {exec valgrind ./fossil test-http <q.txt 2>@ stderr} msg
  return $msg
set todo {}
foreach url {
} {
  set seen($url) 1
  set pending($url) 1
set limit 1000
set npending [llength [array names pending]]
proc get_pending {} {
  global pending npending
  set res [lindex [array names pending] [expr {int(rand()*$npending)}]]
  unset pending($res)
  incr npending -1
  return $res
for {set i 0} {$npending>0 && $i<$limit} {incr i} {
  set url [get_pending]
  puts "====== ([expr {$i+1}]) $url ======"
  set x [run_query $url]
  while {[regexp {<[aA] .*?href="(/[a-z].*?)".*?>(.*)$} $x all url tail]} {
    set u2 [string map {&lt; < &gt; > &quot; \" &amp; &} $url]
    if {![info exists seen($u2)]} {
      set pending($u2) 1
      set seen($u2) 1
      incr npending
    set x $tail