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  # This is a "TH1 fragment" used to test the Tcl integration features of TH1.
  # The corresponding test file executes this file using the test-th-render
  # Fossil command.
  proc doOut {msg} {puts $msg; puts \n}
  doOut "tclReady(before) = [tclReady]"
  set channel stdout; tclInvoke set channel $channel
  doOut "tclReady(after) = [tclReady]"
  doOut [tclEval clock seconds]
  doOut [tclEval {set x [clock seconds]}]
  tclEval {puts $channel "[clock seconds]"}
  tclInvoke puts $channel "via Tcl invoke"
  doOut [tclExpr 2+2]
  doOut [tclExpr 2 + 2]
  doOut [tclInvoke set x "two words"]
  doOut [tclInvoke eval set y one_word]
  doOut [tclInvoke eval {set z "three words now"}]
  doOut [set x [tclEval {set x [clock seconds]}]]
  doOut [tclInvoke th1Eval {set y "two words"}]
  doOut [set z [tclInvoke th1Expr {2+2}]]
  doOut $x
  doOut $y
  doOut $z
  doOut [tclEval set x]
  doOut [tclEval set y]
  doOut [tclEval set z]