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Ticket: acf1302afa53e6a12eab309b754a468e62272cae
Timeline does not display technotes properly.
User & Date: drh 2020-02-11 16:33:00

  1. foundin changed to: "2.10"
  2. icomment:
    The display of technotes on the timeline appears to have been broken
    by check-in [51510bfcea809c5a].  Technotes are drawn with a check-in
    node instead of being drawn without a node as they should be, and as
    wiki changes are drawn.  To see this, visit:
       *  [/timeline?y=e]
    I bisected the problem as follows:
       *  [/timeline?bid=y1aab3f3178n0fd79a3e09n786d6167fayfff033fe6fy7193681a84n76f4e009f9n9002a80ad6nd19df6161fne008e051cdn51510bfcea]
  3. login: "drh"
  4. mimetype: "text/x-fossil-wiki"
  5. severity changed to: "Cosmetic"
  6. status changed to: "Open"
  7. title changed to: "Timeline does not display technotes properly."
  8. type changed to: "Code_Defect"