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Fossil version 2.7 adds many enhancements, including:

Internal and Administrator-visible changes include:

There are a lot of changes here, and they are not all complete. The new email alert capability works and is in active use by Fossil itself and on other repositories, but it is still a little clunky to set up and administer, and the user experience could certainly be improved. The Forum works and is in active use, but we still do not know how well it scales, and there are a lot of pending enhancement ideas. The responsive design changes have made Fossil more usable on mobile, but Fossil is still "desktop-first". It is perhaps too soon to call Fossil "mobile-friendly" - let's say it is "less mobile-hostile" than in the past.

In other words, there is still a lot of work to be done.

I am pushing out version 2.7 to give users who only deploy officially released software an opportunity to try out the new features. Hard-core Fossil users build the latest trunk versions of Fossil and so they have been working with the new features for a while now. But other, more conservative, users will want an official release before they jump in. Version 2.7 is intended to provide that, without waiting for the new features to be perfected.

This is not a dangerous release, in the sense that there is no risk of losing information or opening up a new exploit by upgrading to version 2.7. The modular design of Fossil, and the automatic self-check features, mean that version 2.7 will be every bit as reliable and trust-worthy as prior releases in terms of protecting precious content. Remember, Fossil itself, and the SQLite project for which Fossil was originally created, have both been running off of the latest tip check-ins of version 2.7 prototype code for months now - with no issues.

While working with the newer features, you will likely find lingering UX issues, missing features, and perhaps even the occasional bug. Remember, the newer features are considered a work-in-progress. Please do try them out and report your frustrations so that we can continue making improvements.

The key thing to keep in mind is that even though the new features may still have some unsanded edges, the core of Fossil still remains rock-solid and reliable. You should not fear upgrading.

Note also that if you do upgrade to version 2.7 and don't like it, you can easily downgrade back to 2.6. Version 2.7 includes additions to the repository schema, but no changes, so old versions of Fossil will work fine reading and writing repositories created or modified by version 2.7.