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200 most recent check-ins by user wyoung

Fixed a link punctuation bug introduced in [74a6578c]. Closed-Leaf check-in: c57e1793 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
The merge from trunk accidentally reverted part of the new text in www/ (This part was manually merged, and I missed a diff relative to trunk.) check-in: 8976a9da user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Missed a link to that should have been checked in with [74a6578c]. check-in: d5def0c8 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Merged in trunk improvements check-in: 42d28c02 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Reverted src/doc.c to the trunk version. The "Plan Z" reversion in [8264fd75] was incomplete, causing bad TH1 variable expansion. I believe this explains the symptom I worked around in [9bdf650f0b8]. This check-in also cherry-picks [3d6a4fd95c] onto the branch. check-in: 3cdf764c user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Updated all of the internal hyperlinks referencing www/ to point at either www/server/index.html or one of the docs it now points at. check-in: 74a6578c user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Fixed an unwanted "$nonce" variable expansion within the new introduced by [9044fd2dbe] which only occurs *sometimes*: not on, and apparently not in my earlier ckout testing prior to checking it in, but now in a different ckout test. This has to be a TH1 thing, but I don't understand why we didn't see this earlier. This is just a workaround for the symptom. check-in: 9bdf650f user: wyoung tags: trunk
Fixed a link from the new material in to the new CSP material: that briefly lived in before checking it in, but then I moved it to a new document and forgot to update the link. check-in: f4cbfd5a user: wyoung tags: trunk
Fixed a couple of Tcl syntax fixes that caused the new --with-sanitizer code to a) run unconditionally irrespective of the option's setting and b) to check for the existence of libubsan whether it was actually needed or not. Closed-Leaf check-in: 66fdab76 user: wyoung tags: configure-updates
Added www/, which documents the default Content Security Policy applied by Fossil to the HTML pages it serves. Linked that into embeddeddoc.wik and, which touched on this topic before but didn't go into much detail. check-in: 4e6d36d7 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added --with-sanitizer configure-time option for appending -fsanitize=VALUE to CFLAGS and LDFLAGS, plus automatic detection of -lubsan for GCC, which doesn't automatically link to that with -fsanitize=undefined as Clang does. EDIT: This check-in breaks the built on Ubuntu 18.04. check-in: 7907b6ff user: wyoung tags: configure-updates
Removed "known to work with IIS" bit from www/server/index.html in the CGI section, since that is not actually true. We can put it back once someone figures out the IIS + CGI + Fossil CPU pegging problem. check-in: 8b7c17de user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Removed documentation of the nonce="$NONCE" feature in www/, removed as part of [8264fd75]. check-in: d55f6b15 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Added missing www/ file check-in: 80cd49f0 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Updated www/server/index.html to no longer discuss launchd as a "maybe" option now that we have a document for it, and removed mention of Solaris SMF entirely. check-in: 1e6fbcf2 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Added www/server/macos/ and then added macOS to the set of server OSes offered in www/server/index.html check-in: e0ad4b48 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Assorted small tweaks to www/server/windows/ check-in: b5fefeec user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Small tweaks to the new "Serving as a Standalone Server on Windows" article. check-in: 3995a3c7 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Assorted small tweaks to server docs, mainly around new systemd material. check-in: 9d4a4782 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Added www/server/debian/, demonstrating systemd configuration of Fossil for the first time in the official docs, both as a user serivce and in socket activation mode as a system-level service. check-in: 94763aed user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Clarity tweak check-in: bc678e13 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Grammar fix on previous check-in: d5c754f9 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Title tweak on previous check-in: afc65312 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Added www/server/windows/ server setup article check-in: 3e55ddf7 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Added explicit instructions on installing IIS within the new IIS server docs. It isn't installed by default, and in the CGI case, CGI isn't part of the default IIS install. check-in: b2f10ad5 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
The www/ document hadn't been updated since we removed the explicit <html><head> stuff from the default skins and moved that into the C code so we could insert the CSP and such automatically. Updated it to show the inner tags that you actually get by default now, and talked about how the HTML document wrapper is added automatically. Also fixed some spelling and grammar errors. check-in: 9044fd2d user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added links back to the top-level www/server/index.html article from the tail end of www/server/*/*.md. check-in: 0f6f151d user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Justified the ordering of sections in www/server/index.html by including info on complexity. CGI remains last because CGI is only a "simple" option when someone else sets up the CGI security for you, as on old-style cheap hosting plans. Also added several inline sub-document references. check-in: 9f4121db user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Merged the lists of socket listener daemons into the Socket Listener section of www/server/index.html: the list of known-working daemons down from the numbered list at the top of the article, and the list of potentially-working daemons up from the <noscript>-cloaked document matrix below. Also reordered the sections from simplest to most complex. check-in: d9ab9c56 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Implemented the first version of the JavaScript tutorial chooser in www/server/index.html, complete with fallbacks for the noscript case, optional display of the static document matrix, and pretty CSS transitions between the states. check-in: 0cbdbc72 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
URL fix in previous check-in: a7610e42 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Added the nonce="$NONCE" embedded documentation substitution feature and documented that and the other pre-existing text substitution features. check-in: 02db05e6 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Further refinement of the server setup tutorial matrix CSS check-in: a6fee589 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Reduced the number of columns in the server setup tutorial matrix by collapsing all of those for the OS's default web server down to a single shared column. Also dropped the xinetd column as obsolete. (We still have the explicit xinetd article link above.) check-in: 3f9f1bdf user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Moved inline CSS within www/server/index.html elements up into a <style> block at the top. Then used that to create a more even matrix layout. Also fixed some incorrect URLs checked in with the prior version, due to the document changing directory level. check-in: 648574cb user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Renamed www/ to www/server/index.html and converted it to HTML format. Did a bit of prose polishing and CSS work while in there. check-in: 81932667 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Small improvements to IIS + CGI doc check-in: f7c839c1 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Added docs for IIS + CGI server configuration. check-in: 9098ebba user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Assorted improvements to www/server/windows/ Removed the empty CGI and SCGI sections, as those will be separate articles. Added "Why Bother?" section. Added link to ./ Better explanation of the /code rewriting example. Hoist TLS info up into the new "Why Bother?" section. check-in: 1670e5fa user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Capitalization fix in HTML output from /artifact_stats check-in: d570edc6 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Corrected the description of nginx + SCGI in www/ check-in: 0f217e89 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Added starting version of www/server/windows/, covering only the HTTP reverse proxying case. check-in: fbacfacf user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Moved the chroot and loadmgmt sections of www/ into separate documents. This change also adds info on /proc to the chroot doc, which was missing in its prior form. Also reduced a few other "details" sections of to bullet points in the new "Further Details" list at the end of the document. check-in: 85eaffb6 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Changed "socket activation" to "socket listener" in all the new docs check-in: 3c9f811b user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Markdownism fixes... check-in: 1428f59e user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Small improvements to the new Fossil Chroot Jail section of www/ check-in: 4c837bc3 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Small clarity tweak to the new "Methods" discussion in www/ check-in: fc00b7b2 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Converted the backwards-compatibility sections in www/ into identified hyperlinks to the new docs, which allows existing external ".../" URLs and such to work without needing the near-empty sections containing only a hyperlink just to anchor the link. check-in: 0bb59100 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Several small refinements to prior check-ins. check-in: 16e3cff6 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Moved the "Serving via althttpd" material from www/ to a new document, www/server/any/, linked from www/ check-in: 2e19fcee user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Added some named anchors to www/server/any/ check-in: ce4b4bae user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Moved the stunnel proxying docs from www/ to a new document www/server/any/, and pointed www/ at it. Also replaced some similar material in this branch's new www/server/windows/ file at this generic document. Between these two changes, the generic stunnel docs now cover the reverse proxying option for the first time. (The old version used the socket activation method exclusively.) The new document also gives a more realistic configuration, showing Let's Encrypt paths and a sensible ciphersuite configuration. check-in: 53b2e866 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Split the HTTP-only parts out of www/ into a new document discussing only the reverse-proxying of `fossil --scgi` to HTTP using nginx on Debian type OSes. That material is now in www/server/debian/, which is referred to from www/ While in there, did a bit of prose polishing on this old guide. check-in: 2baa8151 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Broke most of the contents of www/server/wiki out into a series of www/server/*.md articles that are now linked from a checkmark table in its place, which also links to the new www/server/windows/*.md files created to start this branch off. This is not purely a matter of moving prose around: there is a fair bit of improvement to the pre-existing prose as well, most notably that we now document the Fossil chroot jail requirements for the first time. (Previously, you had to go dig up mailing list or forum posts (or even RTFS!) to work out those requirements.) There's more to do on all of this; do not merge it to trunk yet. check-in: fad82714 user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Relaxed the "enforcing" language around the planned change of hash policy from "auto" to "sha3" in Fossil 2.10 within section 2.8 of the doc, and clarified what will actually happen with that release as compared to the current release. check-in: c5461fb5 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Merged recent spell check fixes into this branch so we don't revert any of them. check-in: a9fd086f user: wyoung tags: server-docs
Another spell check pass on www/* using a different dictionary than in the prior pass. ([79c2cb083152]) check-in: 0996347d user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added "Forum Posts" choice to the "Activity Reports" sub section of /stat. Closed-Leaf check-in: f39e47a1 user: wyoung tags: forum-post-activity-report
Updated the temp file and dir location documentation in www/ to match what the current code does. Closed-Leaf check-in: 1f63724e user: wyoung tags: windows-env-usage
Inserted %USERPROFILE% between %FOSSIL_HOME% and %LOCALAPPDATA% in the code that chooses where the user's account-wide _fossil file lives on Windows. (This is the Windows analog to the ~/.fossil file on POSIX systems.) Also updated the docs to match. check-in: 15176c8a user: wyoung tags: windows-env-usage
Added an aside in fossil-v-git about Git's minority use of high-level scripting languages aside from its dominant one, POSIX shell, with a comparison to Fossil's own use of high-level scripting. check-in: 1296ee46 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Simplified the table line items for the hash algorithm point in as "SHA-3" vs "SHA-2". Details we delegate to the discussion prose below. check-in: 595559f4 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Expanded the discussion on user learning time vs arcance feature set size in, within section 2.5.3 "Accepting Contributions". check-in: 1b479aff user: wyoung tags: trunk
Small tweaks to the prose in section 2.5 in check-in: 466d74c8 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Moved the comment about learning from Git's design mistakes to a place higher up in the document where it makes more sense. It was almost a non sequitur where it was before. check-in: 0e0d76ee user: wyoung tags: trunk
Clarity pass on the new "Portable" section of article. check-in: 4b574be4 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Deferred discussion of data modeling from the intro of fossil-v-git to section 2.3 where it's fully covered. This material now talks more clearly about Fossil's hybrid NoSQL/relational data model, rather than handwave it as "relational". check-in: e2998923 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added Digital Ocean pricing footnote to to back up the GitLab comparison. Also clarified the "smallest thing you could call a server" comment. check-in: efc873ec user: wyoung tags: trunk
Typo fix check-in: 431245ed user: wyoung tags: trunk
Reworked the intro to to flow better and be clearer. check-in: 16cb9c02 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Typo fix pass on www/* check-in: 79c2cb08 user: wyoung tags: trunk
More details on althttpd in the section of www/ that discusses the stunnel + althttpd + fossil serving option used by and check-in: 9c747e1c user: wyoung tags: trunk
Clarity and accuracy pass on the git-worktree issue in check-in: 92dc1021 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Merged two lists of similarities between Fossil and Git into a single instance up at the top of check-in: 3609ff75 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Language moderation in check-in: 5e380ec3 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Clarified the issue of building and installing Git vs Fossil from source vs as binary packages in check-in: 00af3dbf user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added a named anchor to doc check-in: e88ae89c user: wyoung tags: trunk
Many improvements to section "2.3 Durable" in, largely involving the merger of a near-repeat of the same points down in section 3.1, but also adding more information emphasizing the durability of SQLite DBs in general and Fossil repos in specific. check-in: cd989fed user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added a new section to, "2.4 Portable" covering how much more portable Fossil is than Git and its common third-party extensions. check-in: 64a33a64 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added info about althttpd to footnote 2 in, which gives details about the web serving configuration of check-in: 5866461e user: wyoung tags: trunk
Merged two nearly-redundant points about branch names syncing in fossil-v-git doc. check-in: 16ea738a user: wyoung tags: trunk
Updated summary table at the top of fossil-v-git doc to track the recent organization changes. check-in: 1c9b1771 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Prior section 2.5 in fossil-v-git is now section 2.4.4, since it's part of the "2.4 Linux vs SQLite" story. Little change in content; primarily just an organization fix. check-in: e9628d70 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Extracted part of section 2.1 and merged it with the entire prior content of section 2.5 in fossil-v-git as a new section, "2.2 Efficient and Effective". These were two partially-redundant sections covering Git's sprawl of tools, third-party dependencies, and extensions vs Fossil's self-contained single-binary nature. The new section combines all of that. check-in: 5c24bee9 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added footnote 2 to the fossil-v-git doc, which explains that not "everything" on is in the main Fossil self-hosting repo, and links to info explaining the details. check-in: d23a8453 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Tightened up footnote 1 in fossil-v-git to delegate its points more fully to the new doc. check-in: 0ef227b7 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Updated the "A Pure SHA3 Future" section of www/ to track the recent decision to make "sha3" mode the default in Fossil 2.10. check-in: c6e8558f user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added section 2.8 to the fossil-v-git doc: "Hash Algorithm: SHA-3 vs SHA-2 vs SHA-1". check-in: 42b8890c user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added paragraph about hosting efficiency of Fossil vs Gitlab (to make it an apples-to-apples comparison) to the fossil-v-git doc. check-in: f631c7c8 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Expanded on the point about "next" checkin in fossil-v-git doc check-in: 47e495d2 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Removed some points in section 3.1 of fossil-v-git (Features found in Fossil but missing from Git) which are already covered above. check-in: c5a74af4 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added point about installing Fossil on Windows vs installing Git to fossil-v-git doc. check-in: 4c22c705 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added web UI point to fossil-v-git check-in: 6494d42f user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added RBAC point to the fossil-v-git article, and tweaked the surrounding text. check-in: bd7c47c3 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Updated explanatory text at the top of www/image-format-vs-repo-size.ipynb to track the recent update for Python 3. check-in: 25a18bee user: wyoung tags: trunk
Updated image-format-vs-repo-size.ipynb to run within the Fossil tree checkout, to run under the Python 3 JupyterLab kernel, and to have the output SVG embedded in the notebook so it shows up in the notebook viewer without needing to run it first. This updates the associated separate SVG file as well, so the two SVG instantiations match. check-in: f85d9247 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added a comment to fslsrv in place of the just-removed parameter to make it clear what's going on here. check-in: df2eb08e user: wyoung tags: trunk
Made --baseurl parameter optional in tools/fslsrv since Fossil complains if you give only a top-level URL; it's right, it doesn't need --baseurl in that case. check-in: 8b2b2328 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Tightened up the opening paragraph of "Linux vs SQLite" section of fossil-v-git. check-in: 0297ae7f user: wyoung tags: trunk
Moved numbered digressions in fossil-v-git down to the end of the document as a new "Asides and Digressions" section. These are things we don't want cluttering the main argument, not merely big parentheticals. check-in: 84526274 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Expanded the "Sync over push" section of fossil-v-git beyond the technology to cover the "why" behind the decision. Moved the Jim McCarthy quote up to be with it. check-in: 69e64183 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Rewrote "No rebasing" section in fossil-v-git for clarity check-in: 970e9173 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Rewrote the "Trust over hierarchy" point in fossil-v-git for clarity. check-in: d178c782 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Removed a repeated word in fossil-v-git check-in: b798e89a user: wyoung tags: trunk
Recast the "Anonymous contribution discouraged" point in fossil-v-git as "No easy drive-by contributions". check-in: 73381119 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Moved the comment about patch files in fossil-v-git down to a footnote and expanded on the point. It isn't a Git vs Fossil difference, but we need to explain why "just use a patch file" isn't a good answer to the common "allow easy drive-by contributions" wish. check-in: 4dcbd09f user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added info about fossil undo, fossil amend, and shunning to the fossil-v-git doc, with comparison to the Git way of changing history. check-in: e878d54d user: wyoung tags: trunk
Reworked several sections of the doc as sub-sections of "Linux vs. SQLite", which now acts as a frame for those sections. Some of these sections are expanded while others disappear entirely, most especially the "BSD vs GPL" argument that we started off on the now-merged branch to try and refine. We replace a discussion of licensing with one of community structure and our approach to patch acceptance, which is more of what the old licensing discussion was trying to get at without getting into the details of software licensing per se. check-in: 69ec89b5 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Reduced redundancy in the new feature set size vs ease of use discussion in fossil-v-git. Closed-Leaf check-in: a52e6845 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Rewrote the "Accepting Contributions" section of the fossil-v-git doc to focus on the size of each tool in terms of SLOC and features, rather than on licensing details. check-in: 5fe84e70 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Fixed some grammar errors in fossil-v-git's new "Accepting Contributions" material. check-in: 34d758bf user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Small tweak to prev check-in: d1c61803 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Turned a redundancy in the "Scale" section of fossil-v-git into a clearer point. Also added a bit on Fossil's later birthday and our take on its consequences. check-in: 30a74d7e user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Renamed named anchor for "Accepting Contributions" in fossil-v-git from "license" to "contrib". check-in: 074b896e user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Re-cast the "BSD vs GPL" section as "Accepting Contributions." In the end, that's what the difference in license amounts to. This makes the section longer, but the change includes a link to skip past the actual licensing discussion for those who don't want to read our attempt at an unbiased discussion of GPL vs BSD, since even if we've succeded, we won't always agree with the user's biases! check-in: 75e93e35 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Another bit of prose polishing in fossil-v-git check-in: fcdefd97 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Prose polishing in the "License" section of fossil-v-git check-in: eebd7135 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Moved the "BSD vs GPL" section up in the fossil-v-git doc and made it a sub-section of a new "Linux vs SQLite" section which has two other sub-sections: "Development Organization," which contains an expanded version of what used to be called "Cathedral vs. Bazaar" and "Scale," which contains what is left of the prior version's "Linux vs. SQLite" section. These are sub-sections of a common parent because they were mutually repetitive, and they're all aspects of the "Linux vs. SQLite" comparison, not separate things at all. check-in: bab2656d user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Typo fix check-in: bd0b86e9 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Added "and use" to fossil-v-git: the license has effects that extend beyond design and implementation. check-in: 2cc9036e user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Prose tightening tweak check-in: d2a77c30 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Reduced repeition of the "deisgn and implementation" bits of "Fossil vs Git" in the new "GPL vs BSD" material. check-in: 4f293ddf user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Rewrote the opening paragraph to "GPL vs BSD" in "Fossil vs Git" doc to make it clear that we're not trying to persuade you to make our same choice. Also removed two paragraphs making a judgement about the nature of each license for the same reason. check-in: d48fdb41 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Moved a sentence from the final paragraph up to the first in the "GPL vs BSD" section of the "Fossil vs. Git" doc. It was something of a non-sequitur where it was, and in its new position, it serves to bookend the discussion: we lay out our proposition at the top and come to a conclusion that we believe supports that proposition by the end. check-in: cb1b007c user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Removed a final sentence in a paragraph that basically just restated the paragraph in the new Fossil vs Git doc. check-in: f5a39a7e user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Distilled the points about "GPL + CLA = commrecial interests" to only the bits essential to the "Fossil vs Git" argument. check-in: ba1fa73b user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Applied rewording suggested in check-in: 840f2b39 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Toned down the "corporate overlord" stuff in the "Fossil vs Git" doc. check-in: 13392797 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Changed "pneumatic ratchet wrench" to "impact wrench" and added a Wikipedia link to make an analogy clearer in the "Fossil vs Git" doc. check-in: 6e338346 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Clarified the consequences of a CLA on Fossil and on FOSS projects in general in the "Fossil vs Git" doc. check-in: fffa6769 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Clarity tweak to the "why CLA + BSD" justification in the "Fossil vs Git" doc. check-in: 633830fe user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Better text justifying the use of a CLA in conjunction with the GPL in the "Fossil vs Git" article. check-in: 838c9efe user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Merged in Linux vs SQLite stuff from trunk check-in: f5321731 user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Clarified the scale of the Linux vs SQLite projects in the same-named section of the Git vs Fossil doc, tightened up the discussion a bit, and added hard SLOC stats to ground it all. Most controversially, added the rattle wrench analogy. check-in: 69e7827d user: wyoung tags: trunk
Grammar fix to previous check-in: 7cfe191b user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Rewrote the "GPL vs. BSD" section in www/ See forum post here for justification and discussion: check-in: 68a7563e user: wyoung tags: bsd-vs-gpl
Assorted improvements to www/ added hyperlinks, fixed some spelling, capitalization, and grammar problems, clarified "Linux" vs "Linux kernel", clarified the description of the git-worktree feature, moved punctuation inside double quotes (typography), and added a few detail paragraphs. check-in: fd990128 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Renamed the test-move-repository command to local-repo, since it's useful for more than just testing, and there's no good alternative in the main command set otherwise. It is especially useful with local-only repos, since that means use of the sync and remote-url commands isn't the correct way to change the location of the local repo. check-in: a52c3e12 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added the --save-http-url-password option to the clone command to make it skip the "remember password (Y/n)?" prompt if the password was given in an HTTP URL. We avoid this for ssh:// URLs since you have pre-shared keys, SSH agents, and such to avoid the need in that case. Without this feature, you can't script around it by piping "echo y" through the command because the "remember password" feature as of trunk only works when isatty(0), which will be false when Fossil is downstream from a pipe like that. check-in: 2600b771 user: wyoung tags: save-http-url-password
Small fixes to check-in: cdd5e576 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Assorted improvements to the new material in www/, mainly in the way of clarifications and moderation of tone. check-in: 862b77b6 user: wyoung tags: trunk
More clarifications in the "How Can Forks Divide Development Effort?" section of, primarily in explaining how each user in the example arrives at the view shown in the swim lane diagram. There were multiple implicit possilibities before, and some were misinterpreting it. check-in: 70a7db80 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Gave Users A thru E human names, and humanized their story a bit in the article. check-in: 2ac5bc3c user: wyoung tags: trunk
Moved check-ins 3 and later right in the Figure 6 swim lane diagram within so that there is only one event at each time step. As previously drawn, it implied that check-ins 2 and 3 occurred at the same time, but that's neither true nor necessary to our point here. Also evened up the lane widths. check-in: 856c9565 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Fixed an alignment problem in Figure 6 of, and clarified the "back online" step in User C's lane. check-in: 8c44fd2b user: wyoung tags: trunk
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Better internal links in www/ to the new "How Can Forks Divide Development Effort?" section. Also added a Wikipedia link for "DVCS". check-in: ed447529 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Clarified User C's view of the bad-fork situation in check-in: 8a794a5d user: wyoung tags: trunk
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Added "How Can Forks Divide Development Effort?" section to www/ check-in: efb104bb user: wyoung tags: trunk
Put --allow-fork back into the fossil ci "would fork" message. Everyone's unhappy now. :) check-in: acb5324c user: wyoung tags: trunk
Removed "The Author's Voice" from www/ due to multiple complaints. check-in: 1926d1d5 user: wyoung tags: trunk
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Markdownism fix in a Wiki-formatted doc check-in: cbca374c user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added the section "Fixing Forks" to www/, and added an explanatory paragraph about the intentionality of forking. check-in: 2686bad1 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added a new section, "Branch Names Need Not Be Unique" to www/ check-in: 42bfe936 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added a link to from the recent changes to the fossil ci "would fork" error message. *Hopefully* this will end the debate. check-in: b761a729 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Several expansions on the new points in www/ check-in: bf048cd5 user: wyoung tags: trunk
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More expansion on the discussion of creating branches in Fossil, especially in the second-form commands, which were incomplete in the prior version. check-in: 73911668 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added the key distinction ("A branch is a named, intentional fork") to www/ and added info on actually creating branches. check-in: 1e0cf467 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added a generaliation of the prior edit to www/ check-in: 3cc437a5 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Expanded on the discussion of forking vs branching in www/ check-in: b882c623 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Removed other Figures' graphs from www/branch0*.graphml left from the breaking up of www/branching.graphml. check-in: e3c55977 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Removed www/branching.graphml: that was accidentally checked in. (The diagrams started out in a single yEd document, but I later decided to make them separate documents, and forgot to remove this from the local filesystem before saying "fossil add www/bra*".) check-in: 85da145e user: wyoung tags: trunk
Fixed numbering of node 6 in the new SVG/yEd branching diagrams. check-in: 5011b202 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Replaced the GIFs in www/ with yEd diagrams and SVGs exported from them. This allows scalability on various screen sizes, avoids crunchy pixelated edges, allows editing, and saves space on the wire. check-in: 00aded16 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Partial walk-back of [66d55e9b43]: instead of simply removing the recommendation to pass --allow-fork to fossil checkin to solve the "would fork" problem, recommend instead that the user create a new branch with --branch. That advice causes Fossil to create a named branch rather than a nameless branch -- well, *duplicate-named*, anyway -- which is easier to cope with and doesn't make all the other Fossil instances in an organization start griping about unresolved forks. Only the user who created the named fork is bothered with creating and resolving the fork in this mode of operation. check-in: 8dcf4ffc user: wyoung tags: trunk
Polishing pass on www/collisions.ipynb: improved docs, simplified the "sd" parameter as "spread", removed an empty cell, and renumbered the cells. check-in: 847423ed user: wyoung tags: trunk
Removed the "or --allow-fork" advice output from "fossil checkin" when forcing the checkin would fork the branch. It's good for Fossil to have this option, especially for automated tooling that needs to just bull forward blindly, but it's bad advice to give to interactive users. Let them discover it via --help, if they learn of it at all. check-in: 66d55e9b user: wyoung tags: trunk
Expanded on the rules for literal/verbatim/fenced text in the /md_rules document. check-in: 1b2d6c30 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Adding a simulation (www/collisions.ipynb) for checkin collisions over a working day, given parameters like number of checkins per day. This is in support of discussion on the forum centering on this post: check-in: 950e54ef user: wyoung tags: trunk
Applied a fix to fossil-autocomplete.bash posted on the forum, said to avoid adding a space to the end of an autocompleted path: check-in: 99ad7fc3 user: wyoung tags: trunk
The abbreviated certbot command didn't work here on my first Let's Encrypt renewal after writing the document, so changed that advice to use the full-strength form. check-in: dadd1342 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added Jupyter nbviewer link for www/image-format-vs-repo-size.ipynb, and made a few small edits to the notebook after seeing it in that viewer. check-in: f52d63e3 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Several improvements to the image-format-vs-repo-size experiment and the report documenting it: dropped the first 3 columns of data to make the bar chart clearer; drawing the bar chart on a transparent BG in case it's used on a page with a non-white BG, as with a selected Fossil forum post; added axis labels; added a run time calculation to the expensive first step; fixed a few syntax problems that prevent the Python code from compiling on Python 3; documented some problems with running it under Anaconda on macOS; better documented the notebook's dependencies; many clarifications to the experimental report text. check-in: 41e5237a user: wyoung tags: trunk
Fixed a few bugs in the Makefile in the www/ doc, and added a caveat about potential further bugs. check-in: 82ad5914 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added my two recently-created documents to the permuted doc index check-in: 41579b4c user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added "Image Format vs Fossil Repo Size" article and supporting files. check-in: 05f95db7 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Fix for _popen and _pclose with Visual C++ in the new export.c module. check-in: 931da0c3 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Expanded the "Standalone server" section of www/ to add more examples. Also fixed a few grammar problems elsewhere in the doc. check-in: f153777f user: wyoung tags: trunk
Moved the section on stunnel configuration from www/ to www/, adding links from one to the other. Also changed all remaining references to "SSL" in to "TLS". check-in: 355c16a5 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Expanded the discussion of the difference between "fossil ui" and "fossil server" in www/ check-in: 67e30333 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Wiki formatting fix pass on www/ in preparation for more substantial changes: removed all explicit <p> tags where they don't affect rendering; changed all <a name...><h2> with <h2 id=...>; added whitespace; moved <blockquote> tags down to their own line since they're key to the page layout. check-in: 3406f0eb user: wyoung tags: trunk
Added information on 2FA to the new doc check-in: a2ef4310 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Clarity, formatting, and grammar edit pass on the new www/ document. check-in: 5cb3e094 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Only showing the file name extension to MIME type map page on the sitemap if the accessing user has an ability to check in named files. I can't see how anyone else would care what that table contains. check-in: 71d66284 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Removed the Markdown and Wiki help page links from the Help section of the sitemap when the accessing user has no ability to create content in those formats: no wiki, ticket, or forum creation capability, no checkin rights, and no Admin rights. check-in: 7ff6d5b0 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Several improvements to the discussion of building against OpenSSL in www/ check-in: 48b74fce user: wyoung tags: trunk
Markdownism fixes in previous check-in: 39825691 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Noted that linking Fossil to an OpenSSL built from source opens the user to the "no root certs" problem previously solved in www/ check-in: c563be15 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Clarified the "build from source" option for linking Fossil to a non-platform version of OpenSSL. check-in: 1e21abda user: wyoung tags: trunk
Assorted improvements to www/ check-in: e629c1b7 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Expanded the discussion of OpenSSL options in www/, mainly adding advice on installing it via package managers. The new OpenSSL discussion in now points to this, rather than to the next section level up, as in the prior checkin. check-in: a13820dc user: wyoung tags: trunk
Expanded the section on --with-openssl=none in www/ to explain why adding that option is a bad idea, what to do instead, and to point to the newly expanded OpenSSL discussion in www/ for more information. check-in: 4f810279 user: wyoung tags: trunk
Fixed a Markdown-ism in previous check-in: 485eda76 user: wyoung tags: trunk