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Design & Tools Notes

The first edition (version 1.x) of this book was built using the LyX document processor. For the second edition we have changed the document code to plain LaTex to make it easier to maintain the chapters.

The last version of the 1.x series, however, are still available in the trunk, so that you can follow all the examples given in the book. If you wish to modify the 1.x version book you will need this tool, go to LyX and download the version for your OS.

If you wish to work with us on any on or all of the chapters of the 2.x series, then TexMaker could be a convenient tool.

The images are EPSF conversions of screen captures for series 1.x and new images are formatted directly as PDF for the 2.x series.

The entire work by Jim Schimpf to set up the book was done on a Dual 533Mhz PowerPC Apple Mac running OS X 10.5.8 with 1.25 Gig of memory and a 100 Gig hard drive.