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Fossil Version Control – A Users Guide

This is a Fossil handbook and manual originally written by Jim Schimpf. The first edition done using Fossil version 1.27 (starting in 2010). It was later updated to reflect Fossil version 1.36. It shows new users how to use the many features of this innovative and yet simple source control tool. The handbook is illustrated with screen captures showing both command line and browser UI control of the Fossil repository. The examples used for the entire book are from the Fossil repository actually used to manage and produce this book.

This Fossil repository holds the text and images of the book. There are two finished editions. The first one is the original edition updated for Fossil version 1.36 and has an additional chapter on "Chiselapp":

The second one (done by a different author named 'frans' in the repository) is on Fossil version 1.25 and has an additional chapter on the "TH1 scripting language" (but no on Chisel):

Here is some more information: Design & Tools Notes.

If you want to work with the repository yourself, here is how to clone it: Clone Repository.

Currently (starting in September 2021), there is an effort on the way to merge the above two versions and bring the whole book up-to-date as Fossil is now in version 2.23 and much has changed, including a wealth of new features. Here is a description of how the new edition is being produced, a history of what has been done by now and a page to collect ideas:

Here's the current output of the 3rd edition as ...:

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